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Hacker caught! Global Pudge Hook/Fountain Warp

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  • #16
    Someone find out where that guy lives. Lets go and hunt him and punish him the way he deserves!!!

    We dont need any virus pudge! This may not spread!!!

    Volva, dont you think about the kids?


    • #17
      Originally posted by Psio View Post
      Hey Noo... super input man, thanks so much for sharing. Might I advise the next time (this is a life lesson as well) think before you speak.
      Most certainly, before you decide to troll a post, watch the match and you will see what the other nine of us saw. No teleport scroll/boots/instant base return and hooked from MY fountain into HIS across the map.

      Thanks for playing, you may return to your bridge.
      You're welcome.


      • #18

        learn to dota


        • #19
          Originally posted by BurningSera View Post
          The visual of the hook coming from a weird angle/not see-able by the target is a bug for sure that needs to be fixed, but the hook+chen combo has always been possible (very hard to pull it off in dota1 and somehow it is easier in dota2 but still we are talking about dendi+puppey here).

          Go watch that highly controversy Game3 between Navi vs TF during TI3 (they also did it in game1) and tell us what do you think.
          you are all wrong.
          1, in dota1 it is NOT POSSIBLE. Hook is not part of pudge. Hook is simple summoned unit, and you hook to the point where hook was released, not to pudge, which means if you hook and chen sent you back, youll get hooked to the place hook came from and pudge will be in base alone.
          2, in dota1 only possible way to do it was kotl+chen and it was from fountain to place which was 10 times harder than this. You can throw the hook before you get ported 9/10 if you are not slowpoke/slowbro. It only checks if hook was released, it does not have to be on its way back etc. Hard part is to find target during that 2-3 secs. Fountain hook with force staff is another level...

          So again this is boring easy wheezy shit for kids compared to dota1 fountain hooking.


          • #20
            Stop spamings its not a bug or hack or anything ITS DOTA 2 MACHANICS


            • #21
              im gona assume its a troll thread since he has brain cells to find dota2dev forums but doesnt have brain cells to search this at youtube? or even google?


              • #22
                Hahaha this has to be a troll right? ,.... right?
                VOLVO PLZ FIX


                • #23
                  the skeleton king from my last game could get to life although he did not have an aegis. i checked if he had aegis and he didnt valve pls ban this fucking hacker!!