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[Suggestion] A replacement to the punish/commend system

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  • [Suggestion] A replacement to the punish/commend system

    Hi, I was wondering why the MM is so broken, and well it is true that there are a lot of factors that makes the problem so complex that it is very likely to be impossible to sum up most of them in a formula, so let's try to isolate the factors.

    I hate to see how overpowered a stack is, I believe the only benefit a stack should get is the extra fun of playing with friends, but no, the mm ignores the strength of the extra teamplay the stack has, it tries to balance it by searching other stacks which leads to longer queues.

    I suggest to remove the useless: commend/report system and replace it with something with actual feedback.

    Cons of the commend system:
    -Useless, just some decoration to the profile.
    -Lame commend beggars.
    -Commendations unrelated to the playtime. Play once in a week, o 5 matches a day: same amount of commends

    Cons of the punish system
    -You have to be a truly senior asshole to actually get a mute.
    -No feedback to the player, that is why we have people here saying: "muted for no reason"
    -The fact is unrelated to the punishment. Are you an asshole? Yes? no commons for you! (What are we? eight?)

    So the suggestion is, after a game when you have to rate the enjoyment of the match, you have to vote the guy that was the most contributing player from your team and also the one that did the least. You can anonymously put a message there to give feedback in any one of the 2 cases. Sure, flaming on the feedback should be heavily punishable. The vote should not be avoidable.
    So, the match ends and the most/least contribute player is decided, awarding 1/-1 point respectively. So if we divide the total points over the amount of matches we have a rating of how enjoyable is to play with the rated person.
    The rating would be an extra measure to be taken in account at the time to match the people for a new match.
    I think is viable because of the self balance it provides, imagine a troll getting negative points, getting matched with bigger trolls as long as he keeps trolling. This would allow nice people to meet nice people, casual trashtalkers to be paired with regular people and autists to be paired with trolls.

    This rating should be visible in the dota profile of the player.

    No lame beggars nor denouncers. Asking for a positive feedback to yourself or a negative to another player would drag you to not getting a positive or even getting a negative. The inner team competition this system brings encourages gameplay, kindness, proper communication, leadership, friendship.

    You are welcome to shoot and tear apart this idea
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    What a terrible, terrible idea.

    Game contribution is COMPLETELY subjective.


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      Originally posted by Snarfindorf View Post
      What a terrible, terrible idea.

      Game contribution is COMPLETELY subjective.
      :facepalm: Oh, so because the rest of the world has a different idea of how I am doing I should not be getting any feedback at all, because what do they know?
      Last edited by Lenciades; 08-31-2013, 11:15 PM.
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        Sry double post.
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          Originally posted by Lenciades View Post
          :facepalm: Oh, so because the rest of the world has a different idea of how I am doing I should not be getting any feedback at all, because what do they know?
          Dude, do you know what subjective means?