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I'm pretty new to dota and I just had the most awfull experience :(

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  • I'm pretty new to dota and I just had the most awfull experience :(

    I'm new to dota and did a few games (around 40) with some more experienced mates. Today I was playing with them again, and I was playing Disruptor for the first time. Now I don't really know what to build on him so I just bought a sobi mask, tango and some branches. I also saved around 300 gold just in case, you never know when you might need some right?

    So I walked into my lane and this Mirana that wasn't in our friend group started raging at me that I didn't buy the courier. Well how could I know I was supposed to do that right!? Anyway I went into my lane and I saw just a AM there, so I thought I could have him. Suddenly 2 other guys showed up and they killed me 1v3 I was like wtf and this Mirana didn't help me at all???? Then she started raging at me again. How was I supposed to know there would be 3 people there?

    For the remainder of the game she kept making rage remarks at me like how I was so bad I should just stay under the tower for the remainder of the game. The most ironic thing was that she did pretty bad himself! She fed like 4 kills while I only died twice, and I had a kill aswell she had 0.

    Here is the dotabuff:

    Can Valve do something so I don't get queue'd up with jerks like this?

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    if you play with experienced mates, why don't they help you?


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      Originally posted by teddybeer View Post
      if you play with experienced mates, why don't they help you?
      They think its funny when I do stupid things and have a laugh at my expense .

      They help me out when the games are finished though! Telling me what I could have done better etc.


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        They could fix the mm but they dont want to.


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          LMFAO. This opposing-perspectives-dual-thread deal looks awfully suspicious.

          On a side note:
          Originally posted by sakeoe View Post
          Can Valve do something so I don't get queue'd up with (...) like this?
          Yes, they can.

          Also, you say you've played around forty Dota 2 matches with experienced friends. Did they not teach you how to avoid making the most basic (yet often lane/game-ruining) mistakes, something anyone can learn - before they ever even install the game, if I might add - from a quick google search or watching a 10-minute video such as:

          Frankly, if that's the case, your friends are outright trolls. And you are their (un)knowing accomplice.
          Last edited by rtkufner; 09-05-2013, 03:20 PM.
          Originally posted by CvP
          Get better at dota.
          A matchmaking system that emulates five-player parties based on teamplay-oriented recommendations--->


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            I smell something fishy in the air. Hopefully it's just my dinner.


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              Here's a word of advice. If you're a support hero, any support hero, and you're sitting on 300g and your team has no courier, you are doing it wrong. Flaming isn't exactly a productive response, but what you did is pretty much the definition of DotA noob.


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                pretty funny to have two threads about the same match


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                  Ask your friends to guide your actions on teamspeak or something. Watch noob guides.