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Is there any justice in Dota 2 matchmaking?

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  • Is there any justice in Dota 2 matchmaking?

    I am just so tired of things like this, and wants justice.
    We had a Witchdoctor in our team who started with stealing creeps from our carrier on the line, acting like it's okay and abusing in chat. After that he just went to feed maincarry of opponent team on bottom line, Phantom Lancer. And during the whole game he were abusing in chat, buying wards and didn't use them properly (placing them in the same spot, in groups by our towers, etc). Last thing he did was to purchase Gem and loose it immediately. His steam profile is Match ID is 382606434 (
    Please punish him, such type of players dishonor Dota community.

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    Nothing you can do except report.


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      much cool

      such story



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        There's no justice for players like him..
        People like him should be banned from this game...
        But that ban is just not there..
        Just report an move on.
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          You will only hear this from this forum :

          Just report an move on.
          Originally posted by biejis
          Every patch reaction


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            Although it sucks to be put into that situation. It doesn't really have anything to do with the development of the game. And if we were to allow people to create threads like this, the forums would be filled with them. Best thing to do is just report him and move on, if his attitude is consistent he will be punished soon enough.

            Closing this.
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