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Thank You Valve for your Brilliant MM and frequent problem-fixing updates!

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  • Thank You Valve for your Brilliant MM and frequent problem-fixing updates!

    /*End of Sarcasm*/

    Can you explain to me how a person with 87 games played and a 40% win ratio gets qued with a person with with 1,423 games played and a 51% win ratio? (Not that 51% is impressive, but games like this certainly don't help)

    Plus this:

    Does not equal a fun game with players who enjoy each others company.

    It equals this:

    Seriously, this match making system is a joke. And don't give me that " don't let the Search Range get too large, stop it every 3-5 minutes" because I WAS DOING THAT. It is also amusing that this community seems to always blame terrible teams on the player in the game that is upset at the team they are qued with.

    A player who has played the game for many years and is competitive has an expectation before the game even starts for the game to be engaging because of good play FROM BOTH TEAMS (that's important, games are not fun when you get shit on, and they are also not fun when you just shit all over the enemy, pub-stomps are not fun) should not be qued with someone who has not played the game anywhere near as long, and qued seeking more of a fun or anything-goes/screw-around-because-people-just-aren't-that-good experience. Neither player will get what they were seeking, leaving both up a creak without a paddle. The newer player will not have fun being flamed by the better players in the game and the better players will not enjoy losing due to poor match making.

    I can see how someone may find enjoyment out of a game like the above one because of the absurdity of it. But this is not the kind of game I want to play in. ESPECIALLY since the other team refused to end the game, and just spend 40 minutes camping the fountain and killing my teammates because they wouldn't stop leaving the fountain (the way to surrender in Dota is to not play). I can handle a loss because of poor play, hell, I can handle getting stomped by the enemy because they're just better than me. I cannot find fun in wasting 40 minutes watching a bunch of noobs(87 wins... seriously) fight eachother, especially for 40 god damn minutes. Games like this always turn out the same too. The person who isn't having fun getting shit on by the team that trash-talks all game because they're playing against people with 87 wins is blamed for everything.

    4 months with minimal to non-existing content.
    One "we're sorry we didn't realize people still played this game" blog post.
    Community going to hell because of inadequate MM and Report system.
    A mute system that does the polar opposite of what it is "intended" to do.

    I love this game, the little things never fail to make me smile. The Map is beautifully designed, the character interaction is hilarious and 1500 games in I still hear new lines. And the game plays and feels just like it did in its Warcraft days. It is obvious a tremendous amount of tender love and care went into its creation. Why do I have to hate this game just because Valve stopped loving it?

    inb4 closed because of the MM feedback thread. I am not going to post in a thread designed to drown out the posts posted in them. Nobody is going to read all 101 pages of that thread.

    The point of this post? The MM system is a coin flip and seems to be based on nothing whatsoever. The Mute System encourages people to play pissed off at everyone else in the game and does nothing to circumvent the problem of trash-talkers and bad teammates in general. Valve's inability to handle the community or game well is appalling. "We've been so busy we couldn't communicate a single word to our largest community"... embarrassing to say the least. When will Valve get their shit together?

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    Should post here:

    That way Devs might actually read your post.


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      He could have been in a party with a higher skilled friend, no?


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        Originally posted by iza View Post
        He could have been in a party with a higher skilled friend, no?
        I was in solo que.


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          It's explained in some Dev posts, i don't recall the exact number, but after 75~ games, a player is considered as experienced by Valve and hence the number of games he played don't matter.

          This of course makes no sense whatsoever and that's why matchmaking appears so problematic. But you have the Valve knights defending this bugged matchmaking and Valve doesn't want to increase search time even more.. so.. i guess we'll have to wait for players to increase in size, before Valve decides to change this retarded matchmaking logic and we'll be able to play good games.

          Suggestion: try searching the forum before posting something, this kind of discussions have happened more than you can imagine. But like i said Valve doesn't care, so just suck it up, or go play another game (at least that's what i did). After 1800 games of dota2, i started playing another game. I now play only occasionally, hopefully ONE day they'll start listening to community (buhu).

          I just wish that Valve could see this: most players would prefer to wait even 10 minutes if that meant they'd play a good match. But no.. since there's no communication between Valve and players, how are they going to implement what we want? They just guess and since they have no experience around MOBAs, they are doing a poor job (recent example: Diretide madness).

          Please knights, spare me, not in the mood to speak with people who have no common sense and still defend this game after 3 years. Thanks.
          Last edited by fakoykas; 11-13-2013, 07:59 PM.


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            Originally posted by Envoy View Post
            I was in solo que.
            every body knows what matchmaking systm is you have to accpet and move on. blaming youself,valve or those poor players won't help you to have a better game
            the soluation of these matchmaking problem is going to game with party friends
            if can't and your very angry form system and very need to play dota2 with good players change mode to Captains mode/Captains Draft/All Random . . . most of time this helps


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              Solo queue + captains draft means a very small player pool for matchmaking to choose from.


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                maybe people who solo que isn't much? and there are large gap in rating so the MM try to balance it out?
                BAD person is someone who only think that he/she is a pro and others are noob and then blame the Matchmaking challenge.
                GOOD person is someone who accept the Matchmaking challenge and succeeded getting a teamwork in his/her team


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                  hi there

                  all mm feedback (bad or good) should go here:

                  closing this
                  If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.