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Punishment: Triple LP & Redemption Period + some general game improvements

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  • Punishment: Triple LP & Redemption Period + some general game improvements

    I'll just get on with the list of things I think would work well for the punishment system of Dota 2, critique welcome.

    Low Priority:

    - Triple speed in one direction: This can work in two ways: Either have the Low Priority punishment period tick 3 times faster during games or have it tick 3 times slower when not playing games. This encourages people to play (and suffer) in order to reduce their Low Priority time.
    - Have reports tick over long periods of time, and require more to get put into Low Priority, and maybe introduce something similar to the Tribunal in LoL (where players above a certain level volunteer to review report cases)
    -Low Priority in two tandem forms: Low Priority and Redemption. When they leave Low Priority, they go into the Redemption Period. This will be explained later.

    Communication Mute/Ban:

    -Do not place a full mute on a player after communication reports/client side mutes.
    -Place them in Low Priority & Redemption.
    -Player must wait between saying things both on mic and in chat. All chat, team chat and mic chat all share the same cooldown. When several of them are used (e.g. Mic and All chat), the chat cooldown increases by a fixed percentage.
    -Use of the dialogue wheel and pings is recommended.
    -These players have a cooldown on Pings too.

    Redemption Period:

    -Redemption period is an extended punishment period after players leave Low Priority. For example, if a player goes into Low Priority for 7 hours, they will be placed into Redemption for a week or so.
    -Should the player re-offend 1-3 times, they are placed back into Low Priority and the Redemption Period is reset.
    -Players in the Redemption Period are matched with other players in Redemption.
    -Redemption has several severity sub-sections, and on the lower severity are slowly released back into the normal matchmaking. The matchmaking will prioritise players in redemption of similar skill before matching them with players outside of Redemption.
    -Battle Points are still awarded in Redemption/to Redemption players, as are item drops. However, these are both halved. Rare+ items do no drop for Redemption players unless on level up.
    -Players are reminded that they are either in Redemption or playing with Redemption players, and are advised to refuse help. Regular Matchmaking player reports against Redemption players do not use up a Report ticket.

    I'll add more here later because I had some really good ideas but can't remember them.

    Report System:

    -Unlimited reports for Wrong Language report.Reporters must select the language that the reportee is in breach of. Several of these stop the reportee from selecting or player in that that language for a minimum of 3 days.
    -Increase reports from 2 to 4. 2 reports is way too few, unless you happen to luck-out and have it refreshed from a successful punishment.

    General Game Improvements:

    -Introduce Ping wheel, like in LoL (Has "Assist Me", "On my way", "Careful" and "Missing" pings, as well as contextual non-wheel pings).

    Forgot a bunch of ideas for this too, will add more later.

    I'll also add in any good ideas people mention in comments and such.

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    No senor.


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      Seems like you're bad at the game and get flamed a lot and instead of improving and learning the game so you don't ruin other peoples games, you want them to suffer for your laziness.


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        much bullshit, enjoy 1 star
        Originally posted by katsaroulhs
        I see. You are on the reasons this game's community is considered "human waste".


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          go back to garena nub


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            So we can report all people we hate from playing in our language, right?


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              Why spend to much time thinking more ways to punish people...

              Live is wonderful try to enjoy it.


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                Originally posted by Xaelz View Post
                go back to garena nub