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wraith night idlers

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  • wraith night idlers

    Last edited by jonjonjon; 08-06-2021, 07:37 PM.

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    There's a thread here that sums up what I have in mind.

    Match ID: 428973739

    This one didn't even play the game. He sat at hero select, never dc'd, and we were essentially a 4 man group. Regardless, we got to wave 13 and completed it.
    Mid way through the match, I paused it so I could guide everyone to report the steam profle they were using, as I believe it to be a hacked account turned into a bot.
    There are SERVERAL sickening things about this. One being it didn't auto-abandon him. The second, we completed wave 13 as a 4 man group, that bot DID ITS JOB and GOT REWARDED. The third, being there is STILL no majority vote kick feature on Dota 2. The fourth, there is STILL no majority surrender feature in Dota 2. So bearing all these in mind, we couldn't have left the game, as because "one was still in it", the first person that left would have initiated their abandon timer. There is literally NOTHING that can be done about that.

    The majority surrender and kick voting worked extremely well in HoN, actually. It'd certainly stop this shit. It'd certainly get griefers out the way, especially with ranked now being a thing.

    And again, off topic but you need reminding. Dota 2 should not be out of beta. There is still much more work to be done to get a steady, working system, than trying to throw more cosmetics into the game. Yes, I loved this years belayted Diretide, despite a few bugs, as expected. Yes, I love this Christmas event. But you seriously need to work on some basic things. Items are still faulty in a backpack or on a hero model. Idle-ers like this get away with it.

    Hell, even initiating a small patch which overwrites everyone's Region preferences, meaning none of them are ticked. Then, Russians can actually chose their damn server instead of being in EVERY OTHER SERVER. It's a team game. A language barrier with an idiot doesn't help.

    I know it's a lot of work, it's a huge game, I can't fathom every single complication and bug you come across. How changing one value somewhere blows up another 3 lines. But the game needs some serious work on its foundations. I stand by what I said before, Dota 2 should still be in beta.

    As an addendum:
    Only one of these has been fixed, and that is the item first in your backpack not being shown.
    Last edited by OmnipotentZero; 12-17-2013, 11:45 PM. Reason: Raising awareness of other basic problems


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      Originally posted by jonjonjon View Post
      one of my teammates thought they were doing it to get out of low priority queue. can you even play wraith night in lpq? if you can it shouldn't count as a game to get out of lpq..
      Well WR doesnt remove Low priority queue, it used to do but after last update, they removed it

      Dota 2 Update.

      - Added a recruitment option to the popup menu when right-clicking players.
      - Fixed bug where the recruitment icon would show up for recruitment offers you had not accepted.
      - Fixed bug where the tutorial gift gem would create ethereal sockets instead of normal sockets. Affected items have been fixed.
      - Fixed bug where "Demons Imprisoned" would not increment.
      - Wraith-Night matches no longer reduce low-priority penalty games remaining.