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Common Feedback/Suggestion Threads. Don't create new threads about these topics!

It is extremely important that you post in correct forum section. Here is a list on what to post were:
  • Bugs and suggestions regarding the Guild system inside dota 2 should go into the Guild Forum.
  • New players can post tutorial feedback and suggestions in the Tutorial Feedback Forum.
  • Spectating related issues -such as viewing a live match, replays missing and so on should go into there respected sub forum over on the Spectating Forum.
  • User interface issues and suggestions -such as Shop, Minimap, Hero Profile etc should go into the User Interfaces Forum.
  • All sound related issues suggestions -such as Hero verbal dialog, announcers etc should go to into the Sounds Forum.
  • All Lore related discussion should go into the Lore Forum.
  • Discussion about settings or hotkey related issues should go into the Setting Forum.
  • Balance discussion is only allowed in Misc.
  • Technical issues with Steam, Dota2 or the Dota2 servers should go into the Performance & Technical Support sub forum.
  • No specific workshop item feedback. These should go to workshop page of that item.
  • When posting in non-bugs section (such as this), use [Bugs], [Discussion] or [Suggestion] prefix in your thread name.

*Moderators, that are handling the "Dota2" Sections the most are:

In case you object some action by a moderator, please contact him directly through PM and explain your concerns politely. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, contact an administrator. Do not drag these issues in public.

All rules are meant to augment common sense, please use them when not conflicted with aforementioned policies.