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People are running bots to farm items.

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    I experienced something similar, alchemist running attackmove to mid for several minutes, then somebody (wisely) abandoned. This will have the same impact as botting in Diablo 2, who remembers, knows, that D2 botting killed last season completely, by absolute inflation of high runes. But here it can go to more serious matters, getting marketable items, for real money.

    i 8 Σ π, and it was delicious.


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      I reported three bots that are partying up last night, but I see their still playing check this it's one of their recent games 2354485502 I call it battle of the bots, and valve was nice enough to give one of them an item.


      • #48
        Currently 2-3 botters in co-op bot matches on average right now, it's basically impossible to do a bot match on off hours because the cosmetic farm botters will throw every game.


        • #49
          Originally posted by Kidades View Post
          And they get what? 20 common/uncommon items and maybe one rare which they can sell for $0.5 after 20 hours of abusing?
          This is not how this works. If they are clever they have everything automated, the e-mail-account-creation, steam-account-creation and playing the actual games.
          Basically what they could do is to set up a VM-Host and create like 20-30 VMs (virtual machines - aka a software that emulates a computer you can handle just like a real computer, e.g. play Dota on it) and play one instance of Dota on each VM.

          The number of VMs is only limited by the hosts hardware, you can easily rack up a lot more VMs with better hardware especially since Dota runs on Linux and Linux is VERY efficient with virtualisation.
          Realistically I think with a little pimping on a modern PC you can run ~50 instances of Dota on one PC. And that fast $0.5/20hours becomes $1/hour.
          Add more machines = more money.
          Might not seem worth the effort for most of us but there are countries where $1/hour is considered a pretty nice income, especially since you don't really have to do anything except investing in hardware, and hardware has become incredibly cheap.

          Edit: Before you get suspicious, I'm an IT-guy and work a lot with scripting and virtualisation and this is how I would do it, IDK if this is actually the case, just wanted to point out that you aren't limited to one instance per physical computer.
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