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Mute is the best idea

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  • Mute is the best idea

    Whoever thought that communication ban is great for this game made for ten year olds should get a medal.
    We should mute everyone that doesn't speak russian and thread to ban them if they try to complain about it.
    Good job.
    The creative processes behind communication ban in a game which is based on team cooperation is the best thing that ever happend.
    Imagine those peace treaties if someone came and muted everyone's microphone cus they tried to speak english and tell everyone to sit in their marked place.
    I mean it is pointless to try and complain do the high council, 'cus the peace treaty involved 3 Nations that speak english and 2500 that speak african. But we don't care about it dont we?
    Those 3 english speakers are just raging for not being able to communicate with people that don't want to listen or talk on an easier, globally accepted business language.

    And a shout out to the person I feel sorry for that will lock this thread!

  • #2
    Sadly this has been mentioned many many times over but Valve as usually ignored every single post made. Their mute system is a badly made joke that serves nothing else but to piss people off. Not to mention their another idiotic creation (that being matchmaking) put's muted people in the regular que.

    Who ever is developing dota2 infrastructure obviously doesn't know shit about dota or competitive gaming.


    • #3
      I can't understand why they didnt remove this mute system when they added Ranked Games.... It's so fun to play with 2-3 muted people in team, they can coordinate everything.


      • #4
        mute is a good idea, but what to do with noobs.


        • #5
          No no please. No complaints. I queue for english only?
          And I GET MUTED cus 4 russian flamers dont wanna talk english, their lion says ward cd is 10 minutes(since the start of a match) and no courier.
          Now I WILL GET my post deleted 'cus it is "counter-productive", "blatant flaming" and "racial hate"
          Russians aren't a "race". I have nothing against them. I can't figure out why am I an English speaking MINORITY in an ENGLISH ONLY QUEUE?
          Why am I being threatened to be perma-muted?
          I have nothing against losing. But make me lose cus we had bad plays, not because 9 russians are chatting with each other putting my hero name in there and then massive spam reporting me for asking them to stay on their RUS servers.
          And to think that MODS that should exact "proper sane and logical approach" to a problem straight out defend this form of chat abuse and lock threads away.
          It is a shame. It is putting a great game in a grave.

          Seriously. Just translate everything into russian. Take out language selection screen, get new voice actors to scream "syka" as hero responses so the ENGLISH speaking people can know in advance what kind of game DOTA 2 is.

          And the way you manage community, it is a disaster.
          Now lock this thread and continue with your pathetic life as a defender of the abusers.

          And I am going to screencap this whole thread. I expected bad mod behavior from LoL moderators. There is bunch of screencaps from them derping. And that is bad publicity. Very, very bad publicity.
          Last edited by Kusariyaro; 12-23-2013, 04:48 AM.


          • #6
            Honestly text/voice trolls arent even this big of a problem. Simply ignore them and problem solved. Whats more bothersome right now is the pathetic matchmaking and the fact that theyve removed the Solo Q.

            Trust me even if they just didnt remove solo Q, most of the chat abuse reports wouldnt even occur in the first place. It was very rarely that I reported someone for chat abuse in solo Q, actually I never do, since its pathetic imo. I just mute the ppl I dont want to hear or read. I save the report slots for the real problem, which is trolls that sabotage the game or feeders or selfish retards who farm for 25 minutes, while all the towers fall and they never help the team in fights etc.


            • #7
              Me too. But that didn't stop people for reporting me just cus i begged for proper teamplay and english speaking. I am a vocal minority when I queue English. That is akin to rape. I can't defend against a spam report. And imagine going to a court to file a complaint and they rip to shreds your appeal report and ban you out of court. You got raped? Get 4 people to go with you. Why is there a freedom to walk alone?

              What is the point of solo queueing? I solo queued in DOta1. There were no stacks. Just people that noticed a game creation. YOu entered blindly. Hope to not get brazilians. And if you did hoped they are good.
              And 5 out of 10 games were GREAT. Not GOOD, great.
              5 out of 10 Games in Dota2 are horrible one sided pub stomp.
              3 Are balanced, and 2 are trows.
              I am talking about when I queue alone.


              • #8
                Originally posted by Kusariyaro View Post
                We should mute everyone that doesn't speak russian and thread to ban them if they try to complain about it.
                I don't know about you but I report everyone that speaks russian and I'm getting my reports back (they get muted) very often.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by DeLJaDe View Post
                  I don't know about you but I report everyone that speaks russian and I'm getting my reports back (they get muted) very often.
                  You have 9 reports per match, every match?
                  Yeah, I thought so.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by Kusariyaro View Post
                    You have 9 reports per match, every match?
                    Yeah, I thought so.
                    No but I don't have less than 5 at any given time.


                    • #11
                      Yea, its not a good idea to say the mute system is a good idea because someone got muted because of your sensitive anger towards something. There is a local mute button, why should there be a universal mute feature?


                      • #12
                        Mute and RMM. Is this LoL?


                        • #13
                          "I can't figure out why am I an English speaking MINORITY in an ENGLISH ONLY QUEUE?" i laughed so much, the only way you can be happier is follow this guide to the letter: How to be a russian dota player


                          • #14
                            Im glad it made you laugh, but I don't get If you agree with me, or think otherwise. 'Cos that sentence is spot on.


                            • #15
                              Bump for sarcasm