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    I had a player on my team, using a bot, same player three matches through It attackmoved top left and bottom right. Did nothing more, only bought boots for items, stayed at each place a moment, eventually died, and evaded AFK-detection. He wouldn't respond to chat or anything like that, and only repeated these movements, which makes me convinced the player was using a bot.

    The user who used the bot:

    Match Id's for which matches this occurred:

    It is very annoying, and it upsets me that they ruin the game for the rest of us, but gain the same rewards. I feel cheated out of my Wraith king's Favor, since the amount of fragments gets higher by the later game rounds, and because of these bots, I end up losing very early, round 4 or 5, but it takes much longer time than usually, since you have to kite around much more. So the one's who bought Favor in order to get shining fragments, are more affected aswell.

    All this to farm fragments, by exploiting the game and other players.

  • #2
    Did you report them? I just finished a game with 2 of these accounts. The pattern seems to be:

    numbers as account names e.g. 2275839453 or something like it
    picking venomancer, shadow shaman etc. (idk why)
    buying bracer first item, then phase boots and spamming headdress until inventory is full

    446144063 one of the match ids. The similarity between sf and veno's movements are uncanny.

    I'm not sure how to deal with these either.


    • #3
      I did report their steamprofile, since I didn't have any reports left on dota 2, but ours seems to have behaved differently. The one I encountered only bought boots, and then nothing more. Picked Drow ranger 2 times, juggernaut once.


      • #4
        Update: I just finished another match with 2 more of these accounts

        This is getting ridiculous. Same movemts as the last game. They buy bracer, phase and spam headdress. Also, they have a preference for the top left lane.


        • #5
          Yeah, WN is totally unplayable unless you 5-stack. Cash out whatever fragments you got. Kinda sad that a cool game mode gets exploited to such an extent...


          • #6
            Originally posted by Heh_ View Post
            Yeah, WN is totally unplayable unless you 5-stack. Cash out whatever fragments you got. Kinda sad that a cool game mode gets exploited to such an extent...


            • #7
              i thought it was just me.. i encounter them several times in a row now.. 2903188162, 2090505856, 408714784.. kindda sick and wasted 30mins of favor time


              • #8

                3 in 1 game
                If it wasn't such a waste of my time I would be laughing.
                Waste of energy to report.
                Still, funny to watch 3 heroes all go bracer first, go to the same lane, and feed to kobolds.
                At least the bots got nothing from that.

                Well, may as well wait for some friends to 5stack