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is this report system ever gnna change?

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  • is this report system ever gnna change?

    when will a someone actually examine reports to check for authenticity? i cannot stress how many times ive been muted for pointing out mistakes in the kindest way. Cm can u deward here "WUT NOOB U DEWARD FUCK U REPORTED" ogre can u pls stop contesting my last hits pls "LOL CANT LAST HIT NOOB ENJOY UR REPORT" gg valve ur report system fucking sucks

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    Nope. Valve has ~100 employees and not a single one is being paid to be a desk clerk. Don't expect a tribunal or outright banning, either, because Valve doesn't want to lose potential hat buyers.


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      Originally posted by death2noobs View Post
      a retard's sentences . . . i know what you feel in-game
      but if someone report you with reasons except (abandon game for no reason or feeding internationaly or abuseing) you'll not get banned from game mate.
      if you get banned maybe you did one of those.


      • #4 doesnt matter what u do lol. all that matters is # of reports. There were 2 separate instances where i literally carried my team to victory while muted, and still got reported into low priority for spamming well played. Thats the whole point of this thread is to actually have someone examine the reports for feeding int, or chat abuse, as opposed to just getting 4-5 reports and automatic muting you.

        Also another point, whos the genius who thought a weeklong mute is fair and balanced? Whos the smarter genius who thought itd be a good idea to allow mutes into ranked mm, proceed to steal captain, and completely throw the game due to extreme lack of communication. I am in 4.5k+ mmr and i cannot count the amount of times ive seen muted captain ninjas in RANKED MM. You know why im mad? cuz my MMR SUFFERS DUE TO VALVES INABILITY TO CORRECTLY PUNISH PEOPLE AND INSTEAD RELY ON #OF REPORTS BECAUSE EVERY SUNDAY WHEN PEOPLE GET THERE 2 REPORTS, THERE IS A SHITSTORM OF MUTES IN RANKED.

        Games played while muted are just frustrating to say the least and anti fun. Playing with mutes is anti fun. Mutes stealing captain and having the inability to even discuss strats is anti fun. At least allow the mute to say one thing every 5 minutes or something?

        Muted captain: "i am muted and i can only say one thing every 5 minutes, so here are the lanes, x buy wards x get courier x tri bot x solo. Dont feed and farm hard." simple and effective?
        Last edited by death2noobs; 12-31-2013, 02:46 AM.