DOTA is consider from E-SPORTs , and there are millions from ppl play DOTA and it's going to be more publish in world , all of that make it a global SPORT , and all global sports don't use religions's words and they avoid the Racism , because there are limits and conditions for all global sports , with the knowledge all of these sport are games , but they commit to the limits regulations and conditions , and they don't mind or object by saying "common its just a game and we don't mean offend to any religion" . so you can ask who put those rules and limits , why did you put all those limits ??
ofc he can answer you because he has the knowledge and experience more than me .
i see , DOTA should commit to same rules and limits ,because its consider from global sport ,millions of ppl play it from many of religions and regions .

i know DOTA's players , most of them use high IQ in DOTA by strategy . tactic , action and fast reaction.
especially some players who can play like 9vs1 by his high skills and building the Appropriate items, then he can carry the game and support himself , i respect these brains.

i hope DOTA conform to all religions and regions ,and commit to rules and limits like a global sport , because DOTA is really global its not that a small or limit public game.