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  • #31
    Ofc they went f2p for their own interest... who the hell thinks a company would do otherwise?
    Even when they say themselves they do it just for you like on e3 and stuff like that.

    And that guy you quoted talked about A+ SERVICE which I took it as only talking about the state of the game rather than the players.
    So if you say you agree I obviously think you agree with that statement.
    So to answer your question. Yes I do read.
    Are people being clear enough? Not really.

    it's a missunderstanding, just relax 2 seconds, breathe and take it easy.
    つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Solo Queue


    • #32
      Well even if I look at the A+ service as being game related or player related, I still can't say that dota2 as a game offers A+ services. The game is a big improvement compared to dota1 which felt outdated. But from my own experience in a F2P game, there is a lack of punishment, when everybody is a potential buyer of cosmetics banning someone from the game for a certain number of days creates a chance of no buys from that person after the ban expires. And this happens in dota2, so yeah, I would rather pay for the game once.
      Dota1 was good when you played in-house leagues(dotapickup, dota-league, even garena if you played on a moderated room with a forum for reports) with one cd key per account/ip, punishment, rules, forum with a community like feeling,etc. In my opinion Dota1 on bnet is just as bad as dota2 when solo searching a game.
      Valve hosting the games on their servers for me only means = bad mm system(most games have this problem but then again most games that use a mm system are shooters that have auto-balance at some point).
      As a player in dota2 you are powerless, you just report(if you have) and tell a prayer before going next. A+ services.
      Death created time to grow the things that it would kill.


      • #33
        Originally posted by KINGdmn View Post
        Do you even read? Where did I stated that? I just agreed that I am the kind of gamer like fragZ that wants to pay for a game, this way ensuring that some of the trolls will disappear since they won't pay the initial fee. Do you think that some1 that joins a game and feeds on purpose is spending money in this game?
        More money doesn't mean more quality. F2P if anything, is less quality and a shittier experience since the devs want more players to maximize their profit they are going to allow even the scum of the earth to play(the ones that ruin games on purpose) on the hope that maybe they will buy some hats while they are at it.
        They went f2p with dota2 for their own interest not for your own.
        Congrats, Captain Obvious. No game publisher creates a game for the pleasure of others. They do it for PROFITS.


        • #34
          Let us not ever forget that games are made by people who love them.
          Maybe, but they are being distributed by publishers who always have the final say, care nothing about quality and are only interested in profit. This makes the entire whine post by the spoiled brat null and void.
          This is how I solve the valve knight/drone problem. Not perfect but good enough.


          • #35
            I loved Garena bans a lot.