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Just faced a 5 man stack in "Solo"

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  • Just faced a 5 man stack in "Solo"

    Does this seems Balanced or equal to you ?

    I Couldn't find the Matchmaking Section .

  • #2
    With the exception of MoM BH (the other team also have a no blink, 0 tankiness Slar though as well as a Dagon puck)and your deciding NOT to get Soul Ring, the items build seem to be pretty normal to me.

    So it seems like the usual case of one team start losing and, not knowing how to play from behind, keep losing more until it goes out of hand.
    Every time someone make a false report.
    Making people's losses feel worse with just my name (don't ask me how it work, I certainly don't)

    Currently observed Orb(Unique Attack Modifiers), Critical, and Bash interactions for DotA2

    People who cry MM isn't fair: Maybe you're not as great as you make yourself to be.
    People who wants surrender: It exists, but I'm not teaching you how to do it.


    • #3
      You got counter picked hard, that don't help.

      I also faced a 5 Man Stack once as Solo, the only difference is that we won.


      • #4
        Mmh yes it is. For you perhaps not that's true becouse you have to play with 4 strangers but for everyone else it is 4vs5 or 4+1vs 5.
        It is almost impossible to find 5vs5 with same MMR so i think 4+1vs5 with same MMR is better than w8 30mins for an 5on5 game which is unbalanced.

        In your case it seems you just couldnt play together with other people. I think this community would become great when some people see that their teammates dont just feed. It seems more their playstyle is differnt which is the main couse for feeding.

        For example i play agressive, even extrem agressive i would say, and when i get a passive "lets farm until i am fat" partner on the lane it is just useless.
        I will die for misscommunication becouse it was obvious for me that we go in now.

        Back to topic. Yeah you just got the short end here.
        If you always play solo you will mostly get 2er stacks max, but sometimes you get 4er. I can recommend to learn solo chars when you are playing solo: Mid or Offlane. If you do this you are more free and have more game impact.
        If you realy like to support (i do too) you just have to get a friend and own with him


        • #5
          Thats one of the reasons, why I will get back to playing when they bring back solo Q, if they bring back solo Q.


          • #6
            Originally posted by IGull View Post
            You got counter picked hard, that don't help.

            I also faced a 5 Man Stack once as Solo, the only difference is that we won.
            Just ONCE? What server are you playing on?? I am facing a 5-stack every third game I play...


            • #7
              The game was fair. 5-stack russians vs any number of stacks is balaned.


              • #8
                so you lost against a support pudge/riki?
                and you dare to complain because of stacks?


                • #9
                  It is 'normal'

                  Played 2+2+1 vs 5 stack
                  3+1+1 vs 5
                  2+1+1+1 vs 5 etc


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by abdo123 View Post
                    I Couldn't find the Matchmaking Section .
                    There are only TWO stickies in the section and you ignored the on stating
                    Rules of the Dota 2 Community section - READ BEFORE POSTING
                    Use the MM stickies linked in there for proper feedback.
                    If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.