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why do people want to play dota 2 solo queue?

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  • #46
    Well how does playing in a 4 man stack + you makes dota more like a team game than a 1+1+1+1+1 ?

    My English is not great and i know it


    • #47
      Originally posted by shaxmatist View Post
      What server are you playing on? Whenever I try to "be positive and take the lead" the team just ignores me. Captains Mode, I pick become a captain.. Well hello team, I am going to pick some supports, who wants to play support?? .. Dead Silence. Who wants to play mid? ... Chirping Crickets.. ok fine, I pick whatever I think is best, then the teammate suddenly responds .. oh but I never played Visage before! .. Where the fuck were you when I was picking?? .. I went to the toilet

      Thats if they speak english at all. One game I was matched with a 4-stack of mexican pendejos who had 400ms pings (what are these cabrones doing on australian server?) fed like a mcDonalds happy meal, the only english word they knew is "puta" and were pinging me non-stop and dropping my items out of courier. Thanks Valve, I really appreciate not having a solo queue...
      I dont ever take captain spot. I tell them at the start of the draft I can play anything and that I trust their picks. If I see a decent counter I might suggest it, but I never tell them directly to pick it or that the game is already lost.


      • #48
        Well how does playing in a 4 man stack + you makes dota more like a team game than a 1+1+1+1+1 ?
        Usually make it less of a teamgame.
        By doing so it's usually 4+1 vs 5 instead of 5v5.
        Mainly cause the stack is full of themselves and think they know best and don't include the fifth player at all.
        They are playing their own 4 man team game.
        つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Solo Queue


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          Originally posted by Interrobangin View Post
          This guy. +1
          Originally posted by biejis
          Every patch reaction


          • #50
            Originally posted by iceinaglass View Post
            they already know this is a team game but why do you think some want to queue solo?
            put this into consideration, ever get a stack on your team and the enemy doesn't? even notice when THAT DOES happen, you team plays alot worse? that's the stack being pulled further up in "rating" and that drags you with their bad stack.


            • #51
              Sometimes, it's a bit hard to find people you like playing with I guess.


              • #52
                dleet tred pls


                • #53
                  Originally posted by kuvasz View Post
                  Most of my dota playing friends are a lot worse than me and I don't want to do my best for 40 minutes only to lose hopelessly.
                  Another portion of my dota playing friends are unknown to me, but since I now play ranked exclusively, I won't experiment with them when MMR is at stake.
                  The very few friends who I enjoy playing with aren't necessarily online/available/interested at that moment. Also, some of them quit due to bad MM.

                  So I queue solo. I don't think it's worse than playing in a party like some do as I've had plenty of party games ruined by the 1 or 2 random people we got on our team.
                  ^-- THIS! SO MUCH! THIS! 1 Player ABSOLUTELY ruin's the game, ALL THE TIME! It's ALWAYS the ONE random player on the team! ALWAYS!........................................... .................................................. ............................................