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Will there ever be TRUE personal performance rating?

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    Originally posted by puTTy View Post
    pBecause MMR isnt going to get any better. Because its good and theres no way to make it better, personal mistakes will still happen, it cant predict the draft etc etc.
    Are you for real? Getting a scrub 4-stack that throws the game, because Valve can't make an algorithm to properly calculate the inflated ratings surely isn't the height of programming.


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      A MMR system could be created by un players and it would probably make sense , I would like it if we could gather and create a system without valve declining it instantly.


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        Originally posted by Avidity View Post
        That's just one quick example of many possible signals that can influence MM, and yes I would love to play with that kind of system.
        It will still have ELO elements, but with slight modifications. Thus rewarding players who try harder.

        - Game won +25points & +4points = +29(good skill/item build for that specific match up)
        - Game lost -25points & +3points = -22(good skill/item build for that specific match up)
        That sounds awful. I know quite a few SC2 Grandmasters who go with unorthodox builds but succeed/win because it catches opponents off-guard and their execution is crisp. The same can be done in DOTA2, and in your system it would not reward them. It's a terrible idea to take into account anything other than the outcome of the match because the aim is to perform well. Performing well in any given situation is indicated by winning the match no matter the cost. For instance you can win a game by buying 2 gems with a carry, getting ethereal blade on a non-magic damage dealing support just to save your carry, etc. and by your criteria these people would not be rewarded.

        The same goes for K/D/A, those numbers are meaningless even if you attribute different desirable numbers for each role (and btw, support alc, etc. - there are no fixed roles for heroes) because if in one specific game you need to push with a non-push support, you'll have few assists when you "shouldn't" with a team fight hero.

        It is perfect that only the outcome of the match counts. Anything else would create contrived situations where you won't help a team mate for fear of lowering your K/D/A ratio, etc. You basically have to sacrifice a lot and give up your personal concerns for XPM/GPM/KDA in order to win, and that is the correct attitude in a team game.
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          Originally posted by Sa1nt View Post
          A MMR system could be created by un players and it would probably make sense , I would like it if we could gather and create a system without valve declining it instantly.
          create one then