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Do you guys really think the mute system works?

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  • #61
    Of course the mute system doesn't work.

    Sure people get muted. Beyond that it only does harm and has no positive gains. Valve "internal numbers" about repeat offenders are nonsense.


    • #62
      I highly doubt valve will scrap the mute system even if it is undoubtly proven to be detrimental. Right now they're trying to work around getting rid of it, and region lock by improving the auto-chat system.


      • #63
        Mute system works? Yes, it mutes players.
        Mute system is abused? Yes, many reports are given for no reason.
        Mute system works as it should? No, no one checks if you reported for the right reason.

        Good luck trying to stay unmuted.
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        • #64
          works for the soft-butted ponies of the community.


          • #65
            Originally posted by altair View Post
            works for the soft-butted ponies of the community.


            • #66
              I have never been muted but IMHO Mute System should be completely removed since everyone has posibility and tool to mute verbaly offensive person/player. Mute System is un-natural for this kind of game where communication and availability of information is essential. At least this is my perspective on the matter.

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              • #67
                We already got mute option on our scoreboard, and we got a console command to lower ping sound so Its pretty meaningless to me.
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                • #68
                  yes of course


                  • #69
                    its the most flawed system ive ever seen in any game and easily abused.


                    • #70
                      So as expected, this thread became the same as most other ones. There is no point in leaving this open, so please use the mute-sticky:
                      If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.