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Problems and Solutions to the current report/mute system.

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  • Problems and Solutions to the current report/mute system.

    As of now, there's currently a pretty big problem with the way the mute system works.

    Game ID: 512296418

    I am the Death Prophet in this game, and it's directly because of my inability to communicate with my team that we lost. The inherit flaw in any communication-oriented game with a mute system, is obviously that a mute system does not allow one to communicate at all. Now, I'm assuming valves attempt at a solution to this was the addition of the communication wheel; it's not enough. Taking away a players ability to speak not only further punishes the muted player beyond the direct punishment of being muted, but also punishes whatever unlucky sods happen to end up on said players team. Any team that has the ability to communicate with all its members, will naturally do SIGNIFICANTLY better than one that cannot.

    My solution: I think just as there's a place for players who end up in lpq, there should be a place for players who end up muted. It's really that simple. There's no valid reason why the current system should be in place, as again it punishes players completely un-associated with the person being punished.

    Needless to say, there's also the issue of each players ability to speak/play on normal servers being to the discretion of anytroll who wishes to deny them said ability. I have had the stomach flue for two days, and have not played a single game of Dota in 48 hours. Alas, it took but one report from a disgruntled kunka (to whom I might add, I said nothing to), to put me into a 48 hour hell of silence. The report was A: Not warranted and B: A communication report for something not even communication related (a disagreement as to who should go mid).

    My solution: I know this certainly is the more difficult of the two to address, but be addressed it still must. Valve needs to bring aboard a group of volunteer moderaters (as they have on these very forums), and have PEOPLE actually look at these incidents. The inclusion of such a system would A: Discourage those who have no reason to report (aka trolls), from reporting (thus minimizing the volume of reports to go through) and B: Actually bring some law and order to the hell-hole that is the Dota report-system. Valve is essentially the largest presence in the online pc gaming industry, and as such EASILY has the capability of finding people who will VOLUNTEER to do all the aforementioned tasks.
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    Doubt there'll ever be enough volunteers for such work. Why would people volunteer anyways, waste countless hours of their life while they could be pkaying themselves.


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      Originally posted by DeLJaDe View Post
      Doubt there'll ever be enough volunteers for such work. Why would people volunteer anyways, waste countless hours of their life while they could be pkaying themselves.
      theres no way a multi-billion dollar company that practically prints money could afford to hire anyone to maintain their game, right?


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        Originally posted by lordcyber82 View Post
        theres no way a multi-billion dollar company that practically prints money could afford to hire anyone to maintain their game, right?
        Let's say it takes 10 minute at minimum to look through the 'evidences' to reach a proper conclusion.

        And that a volunteer spends at most 2 hour for the cases.

        That's 12 cases at most.

        A quick hop to steam shows DotA2 currently have: 321,592 players online.

        So let's say 10% of those people actually report today, that's 32000 cases.

        So going along that line, you'd need 32000/12 = 2667 volunteers to look through them

        Not all of which will they judge the cases the same way, or many will just always judge with bias (or some being troll where they just punish all or not punish any even if they deserve it)

        Even if Valve hire someone as a full time job (10 hours/day), you're still asking them to triple their employee size (according to wikipedia, Valve have ~330 employees as of 2013)

        If Valve don't offer rewards, there's not enough volunteer to do this

        But if Valve do, then it'll easily be abused by others (and even if it's small minority, it'll still kick up a storm, like some of the tournament admin cases)
        Every time someone make a false report.
        Making people's losses feel worse with just my name (don't ask me how it work, I certainly don't)

        Currently observed Orb(Unique Attack Modifiers), Critical, and Bash interactions for DotA2

        People who cry MM isn't fair: Maybe you're not as great as you make yourself to be.
        People who wants surrender: It exists, but I'm not teaching you how to do it.


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          Maybe if Valve employees patrolled matches (which they do occassionally) and people were aware of that, we could have less serious offenders.