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we need a low priority appeal system

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    Its not about being the best. Its about the fact that throwing man power at a problem dont fixes it.

    As G-man once said:

    "The right man at the right place can make all the difference in the world"

    i would add

    "but the wrong man in th right place can harm it"
    If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.


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      Originally posted by ochie View Post
      And how does the system know I did not? Its a one sided system that bans the guilty and innocent without seeing the difference. Dota 2 has become a death grip of moderation/filtering. The system as designed today is one where you ban just incase....automatically...controlled by a algorithm.

      Please...defend a system that has little to no complexity. I wrote more complex algorithms in first year of my C.S. degree using Basic....

      Quit the Game > Low Pop
      Reported in the Game by multiple people > Low Pop
      Friends in your group quit without any of your control (wife calls them issues,....who knows) > Low Pop

      I do not see the commend system that helps players...only one that punishes them. So you see all we have is a system that promotes punishment and does not in any way promote success or good gameplay.

      So does the system know I did not have network issues I ask?

      There is no freaking "algorithm" for disconnects and you may have written something "complex" in BASIC, but not a punishment algorithm for online games so stop comparing apples and oranges. If I unplug my cable you have 0 chances to differ between me doing this and a real outage, computer crash or similar.
      An automatic system will never work better like the current simple one. It may be possible to remove some false positives, but it will always open up space for being even more abused (you could force pauses by simply unplugging your cable. Even if the other team doesn't pause you simply come back, take the abandon and appeal. You "came back", so it wasn't your fault, right?).

      Adding an appeal system to an already automated one is the worst way possible. You could also just use the appeal-system-resources and implement a system that punishes non-automatic so you don't even need to appeal.

      In addition, if you check the past of Dota 2, it WAS possible to appeal for LP punishments. Not for disconnects (that's just impossible to check), but for reports and they stopped the appealing process because nearly everyone was guilty (although that here is not really a report discussion, wanted to add it).
      If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.


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        And who is gona read those appeals? When ever a replay is posted here the majority still won't view it and rather circlejerk around what the OP wrote. And please don't say Valve.