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Should MMR System Be Removed And Solo Q Returned?

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  • Should MMR System Be Removed And Solo Q Returned?

    Since MMR is based predominantly on luck, should the dev's just call it a day, admit it didn't work and remove it then replace it with Solo Q which is sorely missed by many? The reason I ask this is because Ranked and Non-ranked games give you the same amount of XP and you get the same amount of good players and bad players in both modes. So what is the point of having it? MMR doesn't record Kills/Deaths/Assists/Denies/Last Hits/Towers Destroyed.

    All it does is record the outcome of a match - Win or Loss. So it's not really recording the things that define people who play well. You can have someone go 18/2 and still lose because his allies fed hard and ignored his advice or warnings. On the flip side you could get a 4 man stack win a match regardless of a really bad noob feeder on their team. But should that noob feeder's rank go up because he was back-packed by his allies? IMO the answer would be no because he is not skilled and he made the match a nightmare for his 4 allies to rectify.

    Solo Q is definitely a miss though. You have Solo MMR and Team MMR. But really Solo MMR is the same as team when 4 man stacks are being dumped in with solo players. A lot of people have asked for Solo Q to be brought back and in all honesty, im not quite sure what drove the devs to remove it in the first place.

    The poll is expired.

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    Funny joke.

    Nice edit, now you have a case... kinda.
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      removed? no
      reworked - HELL YES
      i get idiots every game, no exceptions. making ultra kills & rampages with support heroes, all my mid, junglers, carries suck ass.... not fair and it's not the players' fault it's the MM that matches me with them. it's no true way to determine one's skill and place him with "relevant" heroes.
      i want to have good games, i pick heroes i excel at ( and i lose and whenever i go to pick a troll hero and have some fun, not expecting a win at all, we end up crushing the unfair


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        Originally posted by Avidity View Post
        Funny joke.
        Not really. There have been tons of people asking for Solo Q to be returned and plenty more complaining about the inadequacy of the MMR system. I have my main account where I totally messed my 10 trial matches for ranked by randoming my picks. Which got me 2700 MMR. It took almost an eternity to get it up to 3500. Then I have my smurf account which I picked wisely on and got 4100 MMR. So that begs the question - is the MMR accurately recording my ability when it's given me 2 entirely different ranks? I'd say its a pretty poor judge.