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Partial solution to Language and regional issues for Match Making

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  • Partial solution to Language and regional issues for Match Making


    Like many people I find it VERY VERY frustrating and detracting to the game to be in a match-up where out of the 5 team-mates maybe one speaks a bit of broken English and the others do not speak English at all.

    People connecting from outside their region disconnect more often, and the communication to plan, gank, etc is almost as bad as when there is a muted person on your team.

    I also understand that a person from say.... Argentina may have a friend in the USA or Canada and wants to play with them.

    I would have it so if your IP address is from one region and you select a region outside your own, you have to re-select it manually every time you log-in. Only your actual region is selected by default. North Americans get US West/East. If I had a friend in Australia or I was originally from say Australia or Taiwan. I would have to reselect it each time.

    This addresses the issue when a person selects a region due to down-time, maintenance or for whatever reason then forgets to deselect it themselves.

    It also helps to ensure that people are playing with people they want to play with and will reduce the amount of vitriol, racisim and frustration you end up hearing in the game.

    Because I don't need to know that Argentinians don't like Peruvians and Mexicans and Brazilians don't' get along and trash each other on North American Servers.

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    Yes and its still a banned topic since we discusted this to death. If you think you can say anything new you are wrong.

    non or less closed.
    If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.