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  • Confused...

    Greetings everyone,

    I am sure there were a lot of other posts like this, but hell, right now i really need to express my pain and i really hope whatever i will write here will reach some eyes that will care, and not only other trolls.
    First of all: I never had low prior, never had mute or anything regarding stuff that might come from reports ( maybe i never got reported). I never intentionally tried to ruin a game, i always give my best to help my team and try to win any game that i am in, and i have around 1400 games played, 50% win rate, 1 of 10 games i get negative score(even if i play support i always have a good k/d/a ratio).
    All of what i will write happened only in solo matchmaking ranked system.
    So, here we go...Since 1 week i get coupled with players that i can not describe, you take them as you want, you call them however you want, you may love them but i am sure as hell that you wont want them in your team. First time when i got amazed was when i started a game as usual, going clock on offlane ( my usual spot) and i get firstblooded in second 40. Why? you might say: you suck dude. Well, maybe i suck, but this time i done nothing wrong. I bet you wouldn't expect that a team mate, that was palying tiny, just moved around near me, blabla, when the other 2 players reached tower, bam, he tos me into them, under tower, stuned-->dead. He did that all game long, and all that he bought were tp scrolls and bots, just to be able to move from lane to lane to do this to everyone(all game he specced stats and tos). Funny eh?
    Next one, i get teamed with some guys that for some unknown reason whenever anyone bought items, they would just take courier to them and kept our items so we could not get them ( only if we would run to base). Lovely again.
    A few games after, hero selection starts, i call offlane clock, others pick mid hero, carry support and there was 1 more player to pick, after 20 seconds in game he finally picks and picks Davion, comes offlane, tells me that i aint letting him farm and by the minute 9 of our game he feeded ( had a score of 0-10 in minute 9) After that he asked other team to report our team coz we aint letting him farm. Lovely.
    Today, right 10 minutes ago, when i thought nothing else could surprise me, guess what? there was something left that could surprise me...and that was the warlock and void i had in my last game. Stop reading for a moment and think at something that they can do, to amaze any of you ( something that hasnt been wrote above and would make us lose the game)...Now, well, we had a team like WR offlane(he asked for solo), Meepo mid ( he played really good mid), top warlock + void (both of them friiends) and me, Earthshaker. So i went top with lock and void to make a trilane and so on, they kept pinging me and told me they dont want me in the top lane. Ok, i went to farm the 2 camps with pull and farm forest from that on. Hell no, that would never happen, both void and lock bought wards and sentry and placed 1 in each camp in our forest and lock said after: we dont want you to farm forest. From that point on i went on top lane ( this was around minute 6) and just stood there to take xp and deny. After 30 seconds void and lock went into enemy forest to farm on the reason that i am taking the xp. Good job! Lovely. We lost ofc, void had 0-9, meepo played very good, wr was an usual player as others. At the end of the game our team had 6 kills, 4 made by me as an ES( and not by ks, but by the fact they went into tower top and i killed them 2 times) and 2 by meepo. My score at the end of the game was 4-2-1, i had a dagger, mana boots and some other stuff.

    So, i want to know, why me, when i play and i dont play bad, and so on, i get a lower rating because people that just love to screw games get into my games? why cant there be a system that have a fixed thing for any hero, that if you pick a support hero and buy wards, and have some lh, and buy courier and help others cant get higher rating even if you lose? why? How are we going to advance into higher rating brackets if everytime i reach 3950 rating and i want to go beyond 4k, i get 5 - 7 games one after each other teamed with retards jsut to lose the rating again.
    Also there should be implemented an option to block other players from casting spells on you, to use your courier and mostly every possible interation with your team mates to be blocked.

    Thank you,
    Have a nice day, and may the your luck never team you with these kind of player.
    Best Regards,

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    i 8 Σ π, and it was delicious.


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      Originally posted by Tigro View Post
      another rant about RMM
      Originally posted by brandon75689
      I played gyro and got 15 minutes, Phase, Magic stick, Drum, ring of Aquila, Bkb.


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        you can disable teammates help that way you don't get tossed or let's say bain putting you to sleep


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          Originally posted by resin311 View Post
          you can disable teammates help that way you don't get tossed or let's say bain putting you to sleep
          toss cant be disabled by disable help otherwise it wouldnt be a luck based skill anymore.
          If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.


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            Originally posted by Tigro View Post


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              just bear it. there is nothing you can do.