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Somebody tell me how Calibration Matches work

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  • Somebody tell me how Calibration Matches work

    So since MMR started I was wondering how MMR would be like? Now after 2 Months i finished all my Solo MMR Games.
    Got 9 Wins... Stomped the Enemy very hard everygame was a stomp. Now my MMR is 3433. I wont say I'm to confident, but 3433 is very low... These enemys i get are easy to outplay etc...
    I'm asking myself the question, why do get people in 4500 MMR with 8 Loss?
    This symsten isnt working! It just put your skill level you had 2 Month before into the same shit of players every game...
    I can post Dotabuff of all Calibration Matches. This is just a joke in my eyes.
    Not real MMR!

    Someone else got that problem as well?
    I have 4 Friends who are all at 3k-3,5k.. they all laugh as i was telling them my mmr. they said i should be higher... and i was thinkin the same...

    Sry for my bad english..

  • #2
    That's where u belongs, u won 9/10 games cuz u were in a winning streak, and if u and r mates has 3.5k, u should be happy u and ur friends has the same lvl.


    • #3
      Winning 10 calibration games won't put you in 4k+ area. That would be broken.

      It uses your hidden MMR as a starting point.
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      • #4
        i understand this! but its not fun for me to play with those guys everyday who don't know some basic mechanics... i thought mmr would change it... But its like they added a random number to your profile which will stay with you now forever.. i guess if i lost my 10 games i would still be a 3,5k... and this is just stupid....


        • #5
          Yeah it is, but valve doesnt give a shit while u still buy items


          • #6
            You can always create a new account if you believe that you're "stuck" at 3.5k..


            • #7
              The way I see it is if you stomp and outplay them every game that means you won't have a problem getting a higher rank.


              • #8
                Originally posted by Heh_ View Post
                You can always create a new account if you believe that you're "stuck" at 3.5k..
                i wont create a new account just for that number... and i'm not thinking i'm stuck. i played 10 games and won them all. i'm confident i can climb... but i would like to seriously know, how do they pull these numbers out of their asses ?

                I'm not really complaining about it i just wanna know how that system works!!!


                • #9
                  Your starting MMR is your normal matchmaking MMR with an extremely high variance. So you were likely rated ~2900 before your calibration matches started. In addition, it's also likely that the game you lost was against people near the 3400 mark. After the ten calibration matches your variance drops dramatically and you can no longer gain/lose 100 elo/game.


                  • #10
                    buying items raises mmr. you should probably buy more abundant fortune's favor.