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What makes Dota so addictive? And is it the most addictive game you've ever played?

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  • What makes Dota so addictive? And is it the most addictive game you've ever played?

    For me personally, I find Dota to be extremely addictive. As a college student who's currently taking courses online, I find myself literally living and breathing Dota. I wake up in the morning, first thing I do is watch a twitch stream or two for a while, I then proceed to place any bets on any of the matches that will be played that day (after consulting with some of the D2L redditors), the rest of the day is spent either watching, talking about, or playing Dota. I literally do this every day, and have been doing it ever since I started last march. I dream of Dota, and when tired find myself daydreaming of matches that aren't even going on, slipping in and out of reality and the imaginary Dota game that seems oh so real. My very state of being is often indicative of how I did in Dota that day (including bets).

    Up until my Dota days, I played a plethora of other very enjoyable games (most notably Age of empires 3), and yet none could captivate me quite like Dota has. So what is it? Why is it so addictive?

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    Nothing. lol. getting bored of it lately. 8)
    Ignore-listed anyone with over 3,000 posts per year


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      For me, what makes it addictive is that matchmaking gives me 4 monkeys 99% of games in my team so after a loss or two i get "addicted" to make up for these losses and play until i get a winstreak going.

      Pretty shallow, right? however it's not in any means or understandings acceptable to lose when you're having 16-2, 9-0 results and your team is the opposite (2-16,0-9). Sure, you might say to yourself "okay, i played good, no matter we lost" however for future games, the matchmaking system doesn't obviously care if you played perfectly, the win is what's important... but let's stop there, cuz we're entering a totally different topic
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        Too busy playing dota to care.


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          Too bad you can't even enjoy the gameplay with the current matchmaking.
          Originally posted by Kryil-
          Shut up Shmendrich. Seriously...


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            OP you should really consider go out for a walk and have a break from dota for a couple of days (I would say weeks in your case)


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              competitive = complicated emotions = addiction


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                Originally posted by SabotaZ View Post
                OP you should really consider go out for a walk and have a break from dota for a couple of days (I would say weeks in your case)
                When I travel (which is relatively frequently), this happens by default. The addiction however, comes back upon re-entry into my day-to-day life.


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                  Originally posted by talis View Post
                  competitive = complicated emotions = addiction
                  Not every competitive multiplayer game is addictive.


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                    Dota is addictive?

                    *Only plays when friends invite me to play crew*
                    *Never solo queues crew*


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                      I find dota addictive, as I get to learn many languages. I know a bit of Russian and Spanish now. It's pretty fun just hanging out in the fountain and talking about stuff.


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