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Ability draft : Just for fun ?

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  • Ability draft : Just for fun ?

    Before the actual thread , read this . This thread is related to this , but I am trying to make it more specific.

    So , as the title says, I think ability draft should not be counted as win / loss. Just for pure fun. You do win or lose but it's not written in your logs as "LOSS" or "WIN". This will make this mod susceptible to trolls. Therefore , LPQ should still apply normaly.

  • #2
    Low still apply for Ability Draft.


    • #3
      I stopped caring for my W/L a long time ago. I play this mode purely for fun, but it can be helpful for finding good hero combinations and testing your knowledge of stats and statgains.


      • #4
        Of course it is, its like -wtf mode in original dota where skills had no cooldown X)
        Make a NON automated report system.
        I would rather wait 10 minutes for a balanced, fun and exciting match that will last 1+ hours. Than wait 10 seconds for a poorly balanced crapmatch that will end in 30- minutes
        Valve, How I'm I supposed to respect certain boundaries to prevent a mute if I dont know them because they are different for each and every person on each and every game I play?
        The only type of player that dislikes having his stats public are the players that suck and cheaters


        • #5
          Yep IDC if some people think it is weird that some people care about win//lose but welp deal with it,I care and if you like you say don't care there is no reason for that mode to count win//lose.

          That mode is not fun for me as long as it affects win and lose so I'm not playing it untill they "fix" that.
          Thank you IceFrog, Valve and Dota 2 team for everything you doing for Dota 2 community.


          • #6
            If it is part of ranked match making, then it is serious... if not...


            • #7
              Wait ... W/L in ability draft actually count for your general W/L? Holy fucking shit. Just when you think Valve cant make any more idiotic decisions.


              • #8
                Can we get this in the game now maybe ?