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Future DotA Events

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  • Future DotA Events

    First of all I couldn't find a proper section to post Feedback
    game related or suggestions to Valve, so if it's wrong, just move it

    Many players are complaining about Valve removing things or fixing things
    while an Event is going. For example the Ursa thing at New Bloom.
    Me for my own don not understand why Valve is giving us, the players of DotA,
    an Event Mode which does not allow us to play the Heroes like normaly.
    Including their Skills and Abilitys. The most people will say that the "excuse" for
    nerfing the given Skills of an Hero in an Event Mode is there to prevent massive
    exploiting and miss usage of the rewards the Event gives us. That's right.
    But would'nt it be easier (and a lot funnier) if the rewards would worth less (like
    crashing the whole market over a night just because of exploiting) but still play with
    the high damage dealing Skills? It would be less work for them to do it and they would still
    earn millions over night by people selling their Stuff for "Battling the Year-Beast".

    And im still wondering why all the obvious exploits are happening after the release
    (im talking about the Visage thing that happend... or the stucky things with the beast)...
    I mean isnt Valve using smth to "test" their brilliant Ideas? Im using the DotA Test Client as well
    but thei weren't updates or smth to provide testing the Event.

    Im looking forward (a lot)
    to hear your feedback
    Hopefully this Thread will not be closed before I read
    through it like last time o.o


  • #2
    Hey, you look like a nice guy, so I'll give you mi sincere feedback. People invest real dollars on the dota market. That being a fact, Valve has to take care of tha market being 'balanced' otherwise, they have the risk of losing a shit ton of money in the process of a simple event.

    Take care.


    • #3
      Yeah that's what I'm saying.
      They may calculate all their brilliant
      Rewards false.