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Toxic behaviour

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  • Toxic behaviour

    Hi so recently i encountered players considered "human beings". After 1hour long game in which i had everything, from feeders to rage quitters, I lost 4v5 game. The enemy team said it was easy, ez and kinda like this. I feel so sorry for myself that i tried to carry this extremely unfair 4v5 game and enemy says it was easy, when they won 4v5. I expect some action should be taken against them. This destroys fun of this game.
    I was Luna in this game. Match ID:540608853
    Here are screenshots of the chat:
    I would like to get notification of getting them punished. Thanks.

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    ........ :-|
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      Yes, its annoying. What's more annoying is when a trashcan on the opposite team gets carried badly and he writes "ez". Owell, is it annoying? I laugh more at them cause of their stupidity. Cause in fact it probably weren't as easy as they mentions.
      However, those toxic dummies are probably very sad people, not just in game but in real life. Rather laugh, than care.

      How can Valve do anything about this? Make every person writing easy/ez etc get auto-muted?

      I don't like the mute system at all, cause I'm a very humble an friendly guy until I get stupid guys who gives up games or makes me lose cause of their lack of knowledge. If Valve just had the playerbase to _always_ match up like-skilled players who all drains their health to win games.

      Pokemon, go laugh at them instead. If you want to I do allow you to masturbate to this blog.


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        Look on the bright side: You got a sword and two other players got two hats ain't the game lovely?
        Death created time to grow the things that it would kill.


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          Please read the rules of this forum, especially the sticky on top of the community section. We don't deal with ban/punishment requests here.
          If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.