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Unplayable ranked because feeders and leavers

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  • Unplayable ranked because feeders and leavers

    I'm really fuckin tired of this community, and I know it's not the matchmakings fault it's simply because people are retarded, but so annoying that enemy team never has such incredible feed, troll playing, leavers...
    I got placed to 3200 MMR after 10 games, I lost 3 games, 2 of these games I had leaver on my team so ty...

    But now what really annoys me is the early feeding and always on my freakin team.... I can't do anythig with it but still I get punished, I lose points because my teammates have stats like 1-15-1 and I have a decent stat, even if I'm the best player in the given game I can't do shit when my teammates are like this...

    Look at my last game: 540914599
    3 players in party on my team, we had really good team comp, everyone had stun, burst, etc.. but these 3 players were feeding, 1 of them was afk a lot, etc... SO WHAT CAN I DO? Every fuckin game is like this, doesn't matter if the enemy team suck, my teammates suck harder...

    I see so many players like this, I would ban them from ranked for a while... And those who call EZ... 1/10 match I have some less experienced player on other team and I get fed like that, but I don't trashtalk because I have enought brain to understand that it's because he is just newbie and that's all, don't start to flame the enemy team because they have 1 bad player, it's the most retarded thing people do, and mosty really bad players do this who has that 1 lucky game where they get fed by absolute beginner player...

    I just want to say fix this shitty ranked system... This is why I hated LOL too.. (don't flame I really don't care about LOL vs DOTA shit, 2 totally different games)
    Beuse you know, you play a ranked game you play fuckin well and then there are your teammates who maybe suck, but why do you get punished for their play? It's SOLO matchmaking, rate my performance, if I play in team then yes it's my fault if I play with retards, but in solo what can I do? Just hope that I get teammates who aren't totally retarded and least they try to win...