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MMR Question

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  • MMR Question

    I'm often play DOTA 2 solo queing on ranked match , so here are some question i got

    1)A player on my team left = -25 point , A player on their team left = +0 point ?
    Seriously valve ?

    2)so i was solo queing for the game , is there any reason to paired me against team of 3 , 4 , 5 man stacked ?

    3)i'm not saying im good , but why i got paired with someone who randomed a jakiro , walked mid , and i say politely can i mid ? ( im nyx ) , he completely ignore me and continue to feed the oposing team ? , and another earlier game , we got a Terrorblade who farm 40min , with only a tread and poor man shield , and 4k gold on him without buying anything , and on the 42 min , he get a radiance for some reason ?

    I was on 51% WR and 3.6k MMR , but now im on 3k+ and 49% , i'm only a decent player , and i understand that sometime i contribute to losing the game too , but the MMR is just pure nonsense .

    again im sorry i'm using bad English

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    "Deal with it".
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      I'm not a Valve developer and I can't say for sure exactly on how their MMR system works under the hood. However, I'm a game developer/designer and I have worked with Matchmaking Systems in the past so I'm going to share some things that might help answer your questions.

      Most MMR systems are based on the Elo Rating System, which was originally created to rate Chess games (I highly recommend checking the Wikipedia page although the subject is very technical)

      The basic principle behind these systems is the following:

      -Upon creating an account (or probationary period in which they play some "test"matches), each player is assigned an MMR, which is basically a number that represents their "relative skill level" in relation to everyone else.

      -The ratings care about Wins, Losses and the MMR of other players at the beginning of the match. There are a bunch of reasons why/why not track other data, but most systems only track these.

      -Every time you win you'll gain an amount of MMR that is relative to how evenly you/your team were matched with your opponents, up to a maximum (which in DotA2 seems to be 25 points per match). Conversely, every time you lose your MMR will go down accordingly.

      Another thing to note is that, due the nature of the stat recording, the fewer matches a player has, the higher the likelihood of his/her MMR be skewed (either positively or negatively). As a players plays more matches the system will be able to predict their actual skill level more accurately.

      So, according to these principles, if at the end of a given match you win (or lose) ~25 points it means your team and your opponents were evenly matched. If you get 0 points it can either mean that your team and theirs was WAY out of balance skill-wise or that some special event happened (stats weren't track due to server problems, someone quit before first blood, etc)

      I can't say for sure but I'm confident that Valve's MMR system tries to match large parties with other large parties as often as possible (most Team Matchmaking Systems do this). However, because there are so many other factors to account for such as, Servers, MMR, Language Preferences, Mode Preferences, How many players are online at the time of queuing up, etc, the size of teams is likely to have less precedence over most of these other factors. This means that, every now and then, you'll end up being matched against large parties when solo queuing.

      As a general rule of thumb, the more search time elapses after you click to find a match, the more likely it is that the system will relax the criteria so that you don't have to sit around waiting forever for people with the proper stats to show up.

      In the case of "Why my teammate chose to do thing X?" questions, those are really hard to answer and pretty much no one can tell you for sure. Player skills will naturally fluctuate, meaning that not everyone will play at their best at all times (read more on the Elo system and how it accounts for that too), some one else could be using that player's account for that match or many other possible reasons. In my opinion, it is really unlikely that the system had a "bug" and accidentally matched you with an improper teammate.

      I hope this information can clear up some of the your questions (and other people on the forum too since this kind of topic seems to be very common).

      Best wishes.
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