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    Originally posted by fytspike View Post
    i think , he's trying to be sarcastic , because valve doenst return his 140 € wallet money , but he recover all his items
    Anyways valve like always doenst give a fuck about users, they can easly return everything and ban the cheaters im doing tons of reports per day on scammers, im using dotalounge to trade , and everytime you bump a trade , there is an automatic moron sending a friend request and doing the copy paste bullshit "hey my friend have a good offer , here add him also im tracking them to se if they get banned or something , and gues what ... they're not geting banned at all, or even if they get baned , they can just create another account and start doing this again
    no man they restory my funds i dind expect that so that why im posting here because i se peppole that are mad on steamsupport so they did a great job


    • #17
      5 Message by Support Tech Benny on Wed, 5th Mar 2014 3:33 pm
      Hello Baios,

      Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

      We apologize for the delay.

      Your account security appears to have been compromised.

      You must do the following to ensure that the account is secure before it will be enabled again:

      1) Scan your computer for viruses, key loggers, spyware, and other malicious code with a virus scan utility that has the most recent virus definitions.

      2) Change your Support Account password and the password for the e-mail account you are using to contact Support. If you no longer have access to the email that is associated with your account, please reply with your new email address.

      3) In the future, ensure that you do not log in to your Steam account on a public computer, such as a net café or LAN center. Only use your Steam account on a computer that you have regularly secured with the method that was provided in step 1.

      4) Before entering your Steam account information into *any* website, ensure that the website's address begins with "" or "" Any website that does not match this pattern is a phishing website designed to steal your account information. Many phishing websites claim to be Steam forum posts or offer free Steam games or in-game items. They are often linked via chat or comments from an unknown user or a friend's account that has already been hijacked.

      The account will remain locked until you have completed the list above (in the order provided).

      Please notify us when you have completed the checklist. We will enable the account and reset your password.

      this is the message they send to me its i good idea to read this to make life harder of scammers