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Ranked in a nuttshell

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  • Ranked in a nuttshell

    Today i was having some desent games, even when i won most of them they were almost low quality most of them, i get 2 matches 1 time with 2 guys who are below than 3.600mmr and one time with one of them on my side i know that because i have those 2 players on my friendlist, first one was realy easy they send a naga mid vs me (i was invoker) she come mid without regen or stout shield, in this game i was playing with other guy on my side who was claimed to be 5.3k mmr.. soo from 3.6 to 5.3 ... flawless System

    2014-03-07_00001.jpg My Game history
    2014-03-07_00009.jpg My last game
    3.jpg My second game againts Motherfucker you
    2.jpg My First game Vs Motherfucker you (First game today i have him on my mute list since the begin of the times)

    4.jpg Next Game after my kunka game , having that guy on my side, ofcourse he went random and run to mid even when we got a tinker , an offlaner and a magina, so i decide to take fun of him going tiny.
    1.jpg last game from him before he was matched multiples times againts me (i was also dodging some games after he went in my side again)

    If a mod read this please dont close it im waiting to get this guy MMR screenshot


    On my last game againts this guy (dark seer game) We got First pick puck, second pick luna , then i chose from Sup jungler or offlaner, and i pick an offlaner last 2 guys went random and also presing play forcing us to lose everysingle game by having an offlaner spectre(this one is the one i have muted) and a suport (yea suport pff he did nothing than grief)Tuskar ,just when the firs waves come out , i decide to change and go into jungle , waiting to do a double stack & pull on the simple camp , i get griefed for no reason by tuskar who moves the creeps away and walk into the neutrals camp saying me "fu ck you" .. Big players wp volvo
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    Originally posted by fytspike View Post
    If a mod read this please dont close it im waiting to get this guy MMR screenshot
    And WHY? This is not your blog. If you want to give feedback about ranked, use the stickies in misc...
    If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.