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Valve PLEASE do something about these type of TOXIC players

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  • Valve PLEASE do something about these type of TOXIC players

    So I just had a game you can look at it in my Dota 2 in game profile ( it's a game played today 3/08/14 at 16:50 hrs you can watch the replay in my profile,I was Bane and the match ID is: 554380651.

    The player [IJP] Yen ( link to his profile: ) just completely ruined the game. He picks Omni and refuses to support, fine that passes you deal with this all the time, then he goes middle when Invoker already called middle and asked him not to go mid nicely. He never communicates when he can clearly speak English as per his profile. Guess why because he has an almost permanent chat ban, I wonder why? He then begins to troll with the courier not letting people take their items and dropping them from the courier and trying to hide them, then he proceeds to feed the courier non stop all game. I guess he figures that if he doesn't feed no one can report him and since he's silent no one can do that either.

    I then look at his profile and take a look at his comments, and THIS is what makes me post, I mean here in Spain there is a saying (probably won't sound the same translated) ''when the river rumbles it's because it's dragging rocks''. I mean he clearly dedicates his games to grieving people and ruining the games, look at how many posts there are on his profile regarding his attitude, I mean and those are the people that even bother with posting on his profile. I am 100% sure many don't do it, like me because they know he can delete them. Which takes me to the believe that he purposefully leaves them there, he is proud of his trolling and game ruining and then to top it off you have the last comment regarding this post:
    Where you can see him even trying to troll valve/iceforg because he probably insults none stop and is toxic towards his team, look at his screen shot 1,500 plus accumulated hours of chat ban....

    This type of person that is, I don't know in need of attention, probably don't get enough love and have a harsh upbringing where they where probably abused and hence behave immaturely and are set out to take vengeance at the world because they are angry with everybody and they blame them for all their failures are just plain toxic to this game, it's community and everyone around them.

    Simple chat bans and low priority queues are clearly not enough for them. I don't understand how in other games, successful games there are permanent bans and account closures implemented for lesser offenses and you cannot do something about a repeat offender that clearly will never learn his place.

    I beg you to PLEASE do something about this person along the lines of a permanent account closure.
    Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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    Yeah I can see he was a major cunt
    However at 18:50 you denied him but then zeus could've ulted so its excusable.
    Most successful


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      Nothing can be done, until valve starts giving out harsh punishments, like maybe blocking one's items completely and making them inaccesible, or something else that a player would actually deem a hard punishment, instead of a Well Played! mute or a "5 bot games and you're out" low prio.

      On the other hand... Theres the problem that the community is full of asshats who use the report system for everything. Who will report someone for not being pros, or for simply dying once, or even for getting owned against a messed up enemy gameplay, which will most likely end in someone being wrongly given a punishment.


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        And we're back to the idea that a fully automatic system that mildly punishes you after 2 reports is lame.

        Guess we can only wait till it gets temporarily removed "as part of an experiment to measure its impact on game quality".
        Remember, remember the 1st of November


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          Originally posted by Keowee View Post
          Guess we can only wait till it gets temporarily removed "as part of an experiment to measure its impact on game quality".
          Made me laugh, kudos


          • #6
            Haha, yeah, I know Yen, the courier stuff was a dick move, never seen him do that before. Knowing him though he probably called mid, you picked invoker and went mid anyway, and he got upset that you wouldn't let him play carry omni.

            Edit: also, you guys kind of aggravated the problem by griefing him back
            Last edited by ArmaGetItOn; 03-10-2014, 06:17 PM.


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              This is 2nd asshole from Canada I've seen, play with one about a month ago, although I'm very calm, but that can not prevent me from trash-talking, now that I understand how other ppl feel when playing with Russians (I'm not racist, that's just about the game)


              • #8
                This is unfortunate, games like this are occasional. All you can do is use the report system and hope.

                Dota2 matchmaking: You win some, you lose some
                The MMR and matchmaking algorithms are really really bad, you never know what you're going to get.

                Simple as that. Hope you win more and feel happy.