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Report system needs some fixes

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  • Report system needs some fixes

    How many times per day do you hear "report xxx"? I get sent to penalty queue at least once a month and haven't intentionally fed once in 3000 games (I know it wasn't communication abuse or I'd be muted). I'm at 3100 mmr and have exactly a 50% winrate. Out of my last 20 games, the worst I did was 3-7. Yet people get upset at single mistakes or disagree with lane assignments and mass report you. This is really giving the community a black eye.

    I've been playing dota 1 since 2004, and the only really effective solution in-house leagues used was having humans review reports, with much harsher punishments. Once banned, you could appeal and open a discussion with your replay as reference. If a reviewer made a clearly incorrect ban they would be removed from the trusted review group. The play environment was 100% better and it really made a difference.

    Also Valve could add a new category called "Player skill is too low for this matchup" and have it do nothing (as a placebo) just to act as a catch-all for all the idiots to take their anger out on. Reporting has turned into "im angry and reporting this guy for being a noob".

    tldr: Stop reporting people because you think they are bad, that's not what it's for.

    Also, MMRs in your team should be visible so they can see that everyone is pretty much equal. This is another thing that I've seen make a big difference in older dota1 communities, it makes them realize that the person they are complaining about is equally ranked as them.
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    I've clocked over 1k hours and haven't ever been into mute/LPQ. If you're getting LPQ regularly, then something is seriously wrong with you.

    Also, if you're such a dota veteran, 3.1k MMR is hilariously low..