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Troll Captains in Captain's Mode?

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  • Troll Captains in Captain's Mode?

    So I had a game last night where someone insta-picked Captain, claimed "i dont english" then spoke in Russian, ignored all of our picks and chose Shadow Shaman, Rylai, Witch Doctor, Ogre Magi, and Veno.

    Is there any feature to avoid this that I just don't know about, anything coming?
    Or can someone really ruin the whole game for 4 other people by doing this?
    I waited 15 mins for that game to pop then this happens. Am I just being a bitch and everyone else is ok with this? 2 people on my team rage quit over it.
    Solo ranked queue is too long to just let 1 person on the team just destroy it like this.

  • #2
    Valve don't care.

    Had the same thing happen to me.


    • #3
      Refrain from playing cm when your mmr is low. Or cm with random people in general.


      • #4
        either trolls or incompetent players. Thats why I never play this mode, even though it could be alot of fun. Im just not putting the drafting in the hands of a potential troll/12 year old/incompetent player.


        • #5
          Atleast he made picks.

          I seem to be getting captains that want to play all random ranked.


          • #6
            Originally posted by sakeoe View Post
            Atleast he made picks.

            I seem to be getting captains that want to play all random ranked.
            How do you know it wasn't what he was doing? He could've been using a random number generator to pick those heroes.
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            • #7
              Haha owned

              I don't see a problem, the button is up for grabs for everyone. if you feel comfortable putting your draft in the hands of an unknown pub (i sure don't), then don't queue for those modes, OR, instalock the button yourself

              And yes i like the concept of -CD mode the most out of all modes, but not worth the headache that goes along with it in ranked, the pool is too small and i've seen it bring 3.8k players with a 5.3k on the same team, all solo queued. The long wait time that you mentioned should tip you off that the skill disparity will be frighteningly large. sounds like maybe it picked up some guy from the dregs of the pool, or maybe he was just trolling, who knows.
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