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Surrender Works. I play with it since 2 weeks now. Fanboys are wrong.

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  • Surrender Works. I play with it since 2 weeks now. Fanboys are wrong.

    Yep. Since 2 weeks I am able to leave games I dont like, without any abandon or report and no Low Priority for me

    And guess what. All the BS fanboys and Valve Devs were pointing is wrong.

    Here are answers to the most common and popular arguments fanboys and devs make against the Surrender Option:


    1. I do not Surrender as soon as the other team has First Blood. xD

    2. I do not Surrender as soon as the other team has 10 more kills.

    3. Once a Hero is fed, I know how to react and see if it's an important Hero or just a support who got easy kills but may not be a problem later in the game.

    4. Sometimes, I don't Surrender, even though I know it's GG, just because I don't want to start a new game, and got other things to do after, so I'd rather finish this one, even though my team is losing.

    5. The freedom of being able to Surrender make me less angry, and more confident about the game. Also it removed the frustration you feel when you know that you gonna lose and you won't be able to surrender, making the game more FUN to play and more likely not to quit it.

    6. Being able to Surrender when a game is lost, is awesome. Less anger, less name calling to opponents. I stopped using the terms "noob", "damn russian", "wtf feeder?", etc...

    7. Dota 2 became a "Game", and not a "Cage" where I have to endure pain when my team loses.

    8. Being able to Surrender does not bring a "defeatist" approach. On the contrary, being able to leave before being slaughtered over and over and start a new game where I may be more successful removes that "defeatist" approach. (Obviously, less you experience defeat, less defeatist you will be! duh!).


    gl hf guys.


    PS: And don't believe stuff fanboys and devs tell you.

    The true reason why they don't put Surrender is because the game is very Unbalanced and one team can snowball very fast.

    (that's why pro teams "gg" if there's more than 10 kills difference). If the two teams are at the same level, and one has 10 more kills, it's obviously gg. Again, proof: Pro matches.

    So to cover their lack of a "Properly Balanced game leading to lengthy even matches" they just remove the Surrender option and force you to play at least 20 minutes. (Most of the time 7 minutes of your time lost waiting for the opponent to destroy your base).