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Steam reporting system is FACKED!!!

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  • Steam reporting system is FACKED!!!

    played 2 ranked games yesterday and my team was just HORRIBLE
    absolutely HORRIBLE
    I tried to help them by telling them which items they should get so that we can win but no... they wanted to do their own shit and fed the other team so i had a go at them for not even playing the hero properly and reported them and for three games I lost over 100 MMR because of these retards
    next thing they all go and report me and now I have comm ban for 50+ hours :/
    Seriously Valve
    sort your shit out and ban those who should be punished......

  • #2
    is that all you say? maybe your words was harsh to them or you talk to them in a bad manner.
    anyways nothing will change even you rant here just accept it and move on!


    • #3
      Valve report system doesn't work to punish offenders or bad players, it works for the offenders and bad players to release their frustrations from the game to the other players. Simply put, it's more then a moronic and totally flawed system.
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        Main reason I can't get my MMR higher.


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          Just abuse the reporting system like others, you think 50 hours is bad? I was banned for 168 hours because 4 russians friends joined, one of them wanted mid. I was tinker i wanted mid and went for it. Next thing you know they reported me & I did well for that team, we won the game by 25-32 (i was dire). And i had 10/5/19. Now i just report random player if he is bad player for no reason and i don't even chat anymore, but what do you know, if you don't chat you can get communication ban also, had like 2 times for 24 hours lol; enough reason for me to stop playing ranked matches and i now mostly play on Public and Coop bot but they fudged the coop-bot also so ye this game is pile of shizzle.
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            Oh i am not complaining, just advising the OP. Tit for tat ya know. I am habitual to it, doesn't matter to me. Because you chat or not, you will get chat banned if get reported. I don't why the fk icefroggat added MUTE button system on Scoreboard if he really wants to chat ban people. I mean you don't ban a channel if it's showing demeaning song or program, you just mute the program or switch to other channel right? Icefrog must have been bullied a lot as fat kid LOL


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              Use the mute-sticky in MISC in case you realy want to give proper feedback.
              If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.