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Seriously do something about these MMR abusers

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  • Seriously do something about these MMR abusers

    my MMR is around 4500.

    Somehow a venge with 7k boosted mmr (name is (( with a hidden profile) got in the game with his dazzle troll picked in CD and then continued to feed.

    This is the second game today this has happened. Either stop hiding peoples profile so they can be reported to oblivion or start handing out permanent Steam bans this is making dota 2 MM become a joke.

    Steam profile:
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  • #2
    I see your pain. 0-16 is not acceptable. Unfortunately there is nothing valve can do to prevent this.
    there are only two reasons why these could happen..

    A) People intentionally troll - This, No can actually do anything about this. No one knows why anyone do something like that for fun. its just retarded.
    B) Using MMR boosters - MMR boosters are for desperate people who wants to play with high skilled players directly instead of growing up step by step. People should realise that they can buy MMR points buy using these boosters but they cant buy skill. And Valve cant prevent this becuz MMR boosters are provided by thrid party vendords (they play through profile geniunely to increase your MMR). Its impossible for Valve to tell you who is using MMR booster.


    • #3
      This person is boxing a second account to feed himself this needs to be banned this is not someone who has bought an account. Valve can fix this.

      He has played various times vs his feeder account and is abusing the MM system to boost his MMR.
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      • #4
        This is beyond a joke.jpg

        This has become retarded now. SF goes mid and feeds this Storm, what a surprise both private profiles.

        3 games today ruined because of MMR abusers.


        • #5
          Yup and they are using the Language filter to get on the same team


          • #6
            So the guy in the first game is number 2 in dota toplist and is bragging about it in his name but nothing is being done about?


            • #7
              And this is the only reason I'm happy that I don't have High MMR
              This is how Dota2 games should look like! Game 1_Game 2_Game 3_Game 4_Game 5_Game 6


              • #8
                It is already a joke to begin with. I see no problems with it.


                • #9
                  I'm glad that their private sphere is secured. I always said that it was an amazing thing to be able to hide your whole profile
                  Originally posted by katsaroulhs
                  I see. You are on the reasons this game's community is considered "human waste".


                  • #10
                    Had the same issue today, 3 matches where I am playing with someone that don't even know Dota 2 basics OR that feeds on purpose.

           - Vengefull Spirit
           - Shadow Shaman
           - Abbadon

                    This is getting crazy, how can someone perform well when there's others ruining games?
                    I might be average but I know the do's and don'ts, and someone like me with +2000 hours in Dota 2 shouldn't be matched with someone with 300 hours game (just an example).
                    I try my best to win and to get a good environment, but when this happens I feel hopeless in the sistem. Can't a guy have fun and at least lose properly? not by someone feeding others on purpose..


                    • #11
                      Looks fine to me. Kappa


                      • #12
                        MM working as intended.


                        • #13
                          Ranked MMR is shit thats why


                          • #14
                            An error was encountered while processing your request:

                            The specified profile could not be found.



                            • #15
                              I wish they would. Sadly every platform for this game ever has had this(in one form or another, in one degree of severity or another) and Dota 2 with Steam is no exception. I thought they would crack down on this stuff eventually but it doesn't seem to be the case.
                              I will mercilessly add to my ignore list anyone that makes an incredibly annoying signature.