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    GAME ID 571029155.I am butcher, and leave early b/c there is a fur player make me sick ,no one want report me !!!!! This guy feed without reason, he ruin the game. Do u guys think its fair i deserve 6 low priority games,?This guy make me sick, if a feeder ruin the game so easy , and so cheaper payback,i would like ruin the game as my mind. just 6 low priority,20mins each for OMG model game,then he can disgusting people again.

  • #2
    i also got 6 games because i genuinely had to leave, and i got 6 games! This is so dumb! I honestly think LOL has a much better system when dealing with abandons


    • #3
      You still left. Leavers does more damage to game than feeder.
      you deserved it


      • #4
        i dk how lol ban list works....


        • #5
          Originally posted by ArcAngel View Post
          You still left. Leavers does more damage to game than feeder.
          you deserved it
          Yes leaver dmg more than feeder,but when 4 of us is afk at base,and no one report this situation tell me what did i dmg to game?If there is dmg plz tell me,b/c if not fair to me. what i did is save time for all of us. Does dota2 community never improve his low priority system??


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            Give this man a cookie.


            • #7
              No LPQ will be removed. however if there is some kind of bug that we dont know of it might happen.
              If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.


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                Originally posted by ArcAngel View Post
                You still left. Leavers does more damage to game than feeder.
                you deserved it
                Intentional feeders do WAY more damage than a leaver. Sometimes u can win a match when one guys leaves if your remaining allies are good. But if you get a feeder purposely boosting the enemy's levels there's no chance you'll ever make a come-back unless said enemy gets 2 or 3 leavers on their team.