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Yet Another Language Thread

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  • Yet Another Language Thread

    (Note: I'm writing this from my own perspective, an American playing on US servers. However, the problems/solutions I'm bringing up should be universal)

    I know language/region lock is an issue that's been brought up before (many times) and I'm not sure why something hasn't been done about it. But given that Dota is a game that requires a lot of communication and teamwork, it's a big problem when people don't have a common language. When I solo-queue, I would say that at least 50% of games (and I think that's being conservative) there is at least one player on my team who does not speak or understand basic English. Often, they are not able to even answer "Do you speak English?". So, here is my suggestion to fix this issue.

    Create an incentive. I play with people from other regions, and it would be a shame if I had never met them because they were completely locked out of playing on US servers. My suggestion is this: if you or someone in your party is not in the region you are queuing from (and this is detectable through GeoIP and other tools) you receive no Battle Points and have no chance (or a reduced chance) to get new items. What are the merits of this?

    Well, if you actually do speak English, and really want to play on US servers (or if you speak Russian and want to play there), you are able to do so, even if you aren't located there. Further, once you find some friends to play with, you can queue with them and get Battle Points/drops as normal. I've considered this idea for a while now, and some minor problems spring to mind (but I see no reason it couldn't be very beneficial overall).

    A) Code problems with detecting your region. It would be bound to happen at some point that someone would be queued in their correct region and not receive Battle Points.

    B) Your region doesn't match your actual language proficiency. Maybe you're spending a summer in Brazil. Still, it would be pretty easy to queue with a friend. Failing that, if you speak Portuguese, play on the local server. (Not having an actual Spanish language server is a whole different issue, which also needs a fix) In the end, if you are in a region where you don't speak the language, and can't queue with a friend, you just don't receive BP (how often does this happen? 0.1%? 0.01%?)

    C) I have heard that it's perhaps important for pros/aspiring pros to play people from other regions? First, pros probably have all the items they need anyway. However, if this were an issue two simple solutions spring to mind: MMR cutoff (if you are above X amount of MMR, you can queue anywhere) and if you are in a 5-stack you can queue anywhere.

    The benefits should be obvious. Anyone who cares about Battle Points/items at all would be highly incentivized to either play in their region, or find someone in the region they want to play in to party with. There are probably some people who don't care about items, or just queue in other regions to troll. Ultimately, there will always be ways around any region lock type of system - and that's OK. All Valve has to do is not make it easy and convenient for people to queue on servers where they don't speak the language, and 80-90% of the problem will go away.

    Speaking of incentives, Valve, I know that Dota is FTP, and I don't expect something for nothing (though I wouldn't mind it). If you need an incentive to develop this, I'll pay! I would be more than willing to pay a $5-7ish monthly subscription to increase the quality of solo queues. Of course, I'd expect more features than just a language lock, but that's another story. I think there are a lot of people who would be willing to subscribe in order to improve the quality of the game. In any case, I think this would be a fairly simple and easy to implement fix that would leave a lot of people a lot less frustrated at the end of a game.

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    * Request to Separate EU region in to East and West [CLOSED] | "Playing with people with other language, language lock, region lock etc"
    * Request to Separate EU region in to East and West [CLOSED] | "Playing with people with other language, language lock, region lock etc"
    * Request to Separate EU region in to East and West [CLOSED] | "Playing with people with other language, language lock, region lock etc"