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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Report and Complaints to match making system.

    Match ID#: 869310416
    My Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:30980235
    My alias used in match: Greyfire
    Hero played in match: SandKing

    Player Concerns:

    I am aware that my current MMR falls in where boosters play in; though, I do not feel that this will be a problem mentioned in my report. Recently my games have been sabotaged by selfish players, and to show I'm being unbiased, some of these games were unintentionally my fault. For the MMR lost due to it being my fault, I don't care. I have tolerated the system until this match I have played. Naturally the problem is a selfish player, farming all game and harassing the team with insults and vulgar whilst saying they're not to blame at all... though they did not participate to make a team effort at all. Another case is when people from different origins queue all languages, when I queue English only. They yell at their team in a different language, even when they are at fault too. Players will bring it up in public chat "My team sucks ******* ****". Though the player using a different language to insult the team may be a problem, I am also displeased with the racism given in return by the other players. Two wrongs do not make a right.

    Why did I mention all of this all this random information while it may concern the match ID listed? In fact, all of the complaints on conduct listed above were seen in this match. I had to deal with them individually before, but to feel my drop from 2900 -> 2400 all over again in one match was just a pain (and yes, my I am aware that my MMR was not that high to start with.)

    Evidence against Player(s):

    Against: †*AL*ITACHI†
    Player STEAM-ID:STEAM_0:0:25691313
    Alias used in match:†*AL*ITACHI†
    Hero: TerrorBlade

    Feeding: This can be viewed in the replay. He intentionally fed himself and our courier to the other team.

    Language: These were taken near post game.

    First he insulted our players, I gave them the right to understand what he was saying, by translating his language. After translating he got enraged, pinged me for about 1-2 minutes, while telling me to be quiet in an informal manor. Yes I understand there's a mute button that will keep the player muted in future games. Unfortunately, communication is key in this game. After his pinging rampage, he went on a feeding spree.

    Here he seems to feel invulnerable, as he may (or may not) have experienced the punishment from basic reports. He calls for everyone to report him in a sarcastic form. This is mainly an example to enforce some suggestions. Players made remarks to Peruvian players to attack the Terrorblade

    Enforcement on conduct:
    Yes, I am about to suggest that the rules should be Enforced even more. Why? Well the low priority and mute system seems to give mercy on these types of players, though most manage to still abuse the communication systems to be insulting while muted. Let's compare this system to the league of legends conduct system, where they assign permanent bans to players with after they've been punished after 1-2 times for it already. They can also just permanently ban the player after one game for two offenses in one game.

    I believe less mercy will drive these players off, or teach them a lesson if they're to make a second account only to play this game.

    Region and Language lock:

    Why? Well from the complaints in my report deal with this individual match. I get this often, I have grown tired of it after this match. Players should select a region to play in on their first login, maybe the ability to switch regions after a cool down. I understand that players will make pre-mades to queue all regions, so why not just immediately allow that if they meet the prerequisite. The same suggestion goes towards language queues.

    These suggestions have been listed before, but are still a major problem. I understand that the game needs gameplay development, but the community is what allows players to be happy. I apologize for any hasty generalizations.

    Thank you for your time.


    • this guy ,his name is "sell acc's with 4.9k+ mmr", its a new made account and he is somehow plays normal match and puts like bots against him
      here are a few matches id if you want to know what im talking about:
      and so on
      so i found this guy in a match in 1 v 1 mid he made this bot against him he just kees playing the game to 90 minute and then gg, the match had 300 specs


      • - final screen tide feeder

        sais start " i feed" and rage all game, flame e.t.c.

        MATCH 874262346

        pls examined with players who spoil the game mb he feeding his friend ( enemy ) pls check
        Last edited by olee444; 09-04-2014, 10:22 AM.


        • Matchid: 884184357 ; 784077288 ; 784045892 ; 783954343 ; 783900608 ; 783870129 ; 783811809 (there is more on the imgur album)
          Name of the feeding player: @Scribble, Mr.Franko, there are others.
          Name of the boosted player: Rises (yep, the top 3 SA)
          The amount of games: Srsly, its over a hundred. His main account got already top 3 South America with abuse, now he is grinding a new account (already 5k - with abuse) to sell or whatever.

          Proofs: (About 10 games with IDS and all the things attached)

          At several moments of the game, you can notice that he just uses 2 pcs. Sometimes he just goes "afk" right clicking, while moving the other account.
          This is a real report, of a real issue. Please, just do something. This guy is the pure cancer of South American server. He ruins every single game and just say "report me", because he knows nothing is going to happen. Please, i beg you. Do something.


          • Match: 884718780
            Player feeding: Alone
            Player booest: all, he did it for fun.

            ps: 7 matches losing for these kind of people, 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            • The first game the feeder, "sanec1701" was on the enemy team, and this guy "Darksome" was on my team. Next game, the teams are switched but sanec is still feeding and Darksome laughs in all chat about it, making smiley faces when I accuse him of cheating.

              Can anything be done about this? Can this guy please get perma-banned from Dota?

     [1] [2]

              Match ID of first match and screenshot: 886085974

              Match ID of second match and screenshot: 886039381


              • boosted: d3mon (7k EU leaderboard)

                both accs help him, all 3 have same ping

                will edit with matchid


                ive played many games with d3mon, many players can confirm he is not even close to 5k+ in reality, hes just feeding himself.
                look at his dotabuff too, does that look like a 7k player? No.
                Last edited by disgustingreportsystem; 09-10-2014, 08:27 PM.


                • The matchid of the game: 888388474
                  The name of the feeding player: John is Kil, Araragi Koyami
                  The name of the boosted player: not sure, Im looking into it further.
                  The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids): Match IDs 886048440, 888416111, 888366385 will edit with more as I find them. But these two players que together, usually pick Natures Prophet / Puck/ Batrider and cliff jungle (probably to avoid abandon) or straight up feed kills to enemy team. Possibly multiboxing accounts?
                  Last edited by thescienceofmyth; 09-10-2014, 11:50 PM.


                  • Match ID: 892434505
                    12 September 2014, 5:45:55PM
                    Duration 18:58

                    =The offender's information=
                    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:68523360
                    Current steam url:

                    The player was in low priority. The player picked Nature's Prophet and commenced feeding the enemy team. The player also fed couriers to the enemy team.
                    Doing so was a forfeit for the team and I believe the player did so to speed up a Low-priority game, so he can get back to normal games.

                    So you need to do something that doesn't allow this. The max low priority games currently is 6 so it isn't that bad to be in Low-priority.
                    There is no forfeit option implemented in the game so we players who were on the feeder's team had to endure the pathetic game.
                    There should really be a feeding detection implemented. Hoping players report a feeder everytime he does it is flawed. And he'll just keep doing it in LP.

                    Even if they report him, even if he's put back at 6 LP games, he will be doing it AGAIN.


                    • check this guy pls

                      all time play with bots.

                      check ranked games:

                      captain modes



                      • Matched with bots in pub. They went top lane and just stand in one point. WTF?!
                        matchid: 896991284
                        dotabuff link:


                        • Match: 898681505
                          Players feeding: мαтнєυรgσмєร™ ;NagatO
                          Player booested: Don´t Cry

                          Tinker was giving first blood (it was obvious, just watch the replay), pudge just hooked the air or just hooked abadon when he was going to kill. This needs to stop seriously.


                          • change mmr point-system pls

                            game id : 898695325
                            feeder : captain nemo -
                            amount : just mine

                            was my first game today and now i have no desire to play anymore, cause this wasnt the first time some dude did this.

                            my suggestion is to rework the mmr system.
                            Give us the old SIG-Matchmaking from dota-league back.
                            Everyone was getting points how he performed in this game and feeders where get punched by some more -pts or they received a timeout if they done it often.


                            • Match: 898836682
                              Players feeding: bob (viper)
                              Player booested: (tinker)

                              The feeder made it clear he will ruin game during the draft phase, later when I figured it out that tinker was boosting, he didn't deny it and mocked us more.

                              ALSO. WHAT THE FUCK IT'S BEEN LIKE A YEAR SINCE THIS PROBLEM EXISTS WHY IS FUCKING VALVE NOT DOING ANYTHING TO FIX THIS. ITS GETING FUCKING UNPLAYBLE, LAST WEEK DURING ONE DAY OUT OF 5 games 3 GAMES PEOPLE RUINED ON PURPOSE, JUST TO GRIEF, IS ANYONE EVER GONA TRY AND CHANGE THIS OR SHOULD I ALSO SAY FUCK 7Years spent with this game and just fucking start ruining it for everyone else since it's geting to a point where it is impossible to enjoy it anymore.
                              Last edited by balcas; 09-15-2014, 08:48 AM.