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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • i've lost count how many times this guy has made accounts and been in my team just to instapick morph, go mid and feed/lose on purpose

    just look at his game history valve, you'll see interesting stuff


    • Match: 905593435
      Players feeding: BoomShakaLaka
      Player boosted: Tishina

      Summary: I lost MMR, due to a feeder starting level 1, who openly avowed he would throw, by running into enemy tower...

      Additional detail: I didn't leave the game even though there was a feeder. Because i didn't want a Low priority.
      But Server went offline as soon as i finished game. And when i returned, somehow the game was abandoned.


      • Match: 906515486

        bots farm exp on live games in 1v1 mode same items, nicknames and no mouse move in players perspective mode in game watching


        • Match: 906563308

          Abuser: ︾VIMIC︾
          Steam ID:

          I'm doing All hero challenge, picked Techies and our Kotl start complaining its gg because we have Techies in team.
          After that he recalling teammates to cliffs and destroying TP scrolls from courier.
          And finally he denied Aegis about 3 times in a row.
          And we lost and he tells see Techies means GG.


          • Match ID: 907183778
            I play as Axe, my Steam ID:
            Players AFK: Sp0tT3
            Steam ID:
            Summary: In this game this player Sp0tT3 play as Tiny and he afk all the time. At the end of the game another player name: Di Maria with steam id: played as Medua said that Tiny is his friend and he told him to afk so they can win.
            Please check and stop this. Thanks
            Last edited by ELEPUNK9; 09-19-2014, 02:00 PM. Reason: Miss of information


            • Match ID: 907530657
              Feeder: Saratome
              Boosted : evil^Dodger

              Feeder(Ember) boosted SF(Evil^Dodger) in mid. At minute 3 he made clear in chat that he will feed till he will go 0-10.
              He bought 3-4 couriers and sold all his items at minute 4. Then he feeded all the way till 0-10 intentionally.
              This happened to a 4.4k Ranked Match.
              Thanks valve for letting these people play after numerous of reports.


              • Feeder - luna
                Boosted - i dont know check pls and banned MOD EDIT: Potentially as he's in both feeder games.

                Feeder (luna) buy boots of speed and run on mid.. on t1 tower all time mid lane

                match id 910751594

                Last edited by Kryil-; 09-21-2014, 08:49 AM.



                  Match: 912324230
                  Feeder: Maisdomesmo; Steam acc:
                  boosted: the whole team obviously. Buying a lot of crows and send it them to our enemies. How the fuck you let this happen... this is fuckingboring as fuck.
                  Get with this pieces of shit over with already.


                  • Match ID: 912854530
                    Booster: (Tinker)
                    Feeder: DC.Burnking (Ursa)


                    • Match ID : 913586886
                      Feeder : rode to 3k (Wraith king)
                      booster : Dire team (one of them i suspect his friend maybe tinker nick honey boo boo)


                      From early game 2min he intentionally to die in dire tower and then he feeded all the way until 0-24 again intentionally die

                      and he cooperate with clock on our team to make reason why he intentionally die

                      Proof :

                      if u want make dota 2 better plz punish hard this player its ruin mmr game


                      • Match ID: 915001862
                        Booster: doom
                        Feeder: slark


                        • Match ID:
                          Match ID: 912964428, 910875416, 913020517
                          Feeder: go game


                          check ranked games history and block him
                          Last edited by blessing; 09-24-2014, 01:27 AM.


                          • only feed dont play, flame teammate HOW PLAY THIS MAP?!?!?!?


                            please take action against these players

                            he only feed courier on mid

                            from the start, how am I supposed to win if VA fucking system where there is not even 40% to win ? this fucking pseudo random

                            the game is NAME who will throw more fucking guys who think that they are the most "pro players"


                            • feeeding courier and flame

                              match id 918821464

                     - feeder


                              • Match id: 918730758
                                Feeding Player: MongolZ.LoneZa
                                Boosted Player: Hanly
                                Amount of Games: 1

                                I know this is intentional feeding because at the beginning of the game, Lifestealer disconnected. Then Pudge stated that Lifestealer said he was coming back and to unpause. Pudge in effect admits that he knows Lifestealer outside of the game. Then Pudge proceeds to intentionally feed throughout the entire game.

                                Screenshot of disconnected Lifestealer and Pudge saying he's coming back: