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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Match id: 917369145
    Feeding Player: Yolo it and have fun.
    Boosted Player: lgmmmmmmmm (alias in game ECON1001)
    Amount of Games: 1

    This is the boosted account

    This is the account used to boost above account

    This guy is using sandbox. The boosted account played Furion. The booster account played Phoenix. When Phoenix was moving, Furion did not move. Vice versa. Furion moving, Phoenix not moving. And Furion is acting very strangely when Phoenix gives first blood at bottom tier 1 tower. Furion is at base, there is no way he will get there to get a kill, yet he clicks the spot, starts moving there and then stops after Phoenix is dead. Very obvious sandboxing. Ban him please.


    • Match id: Game is played now (will be updated when game is over)
      Previous game id to detect profile: 927609881 (probably abused in this one too, but not sure)
      Abusing Player: w33 (Mains meepo)
      Top 1 MMR leaderboard right now
      Amount of Games: Unknown

      This guy uses bug which allows meepo clone to have 6 PT's in 6.82b. His mmr obtained by exploit. Bug is unfixed right now.
      Picture Proof:
      Last edited by Vortex; 09-29-2014, 02:37 PM.





          check all sandboxie



          • The matchid of the game: 943319215 943518514 943827329 943438629
            The name of the feeding player: chingching
            The name of the boosted player: chanchan
            The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids): recent four. Please punish this person.
            EDIT:* they are friends as well. obv boosting


            • Match ID: 948339108
              Player name: toy (Shadow Demon)

              Ruin game: Not buy item, going to t1 tower, get first blood DP and anothe kill from Huskar, after 5 min Lina too feed from huskar.

              WP WP WP Volvo for this RMM! In each match, the team give the idiots who spoil the game. Thanks Volvo for RMM


              • Match ID: 954169100

                Account seller and account boosting advertising himself in a ranked game. Profiles are private, he is the Morphling in the game. He played normaly all the game but when we start to snowball he just went to fountain and feed.

                Screenshot uploaded, i have the replay downloaded:


                • Match ID: 956433683
                  Match ID: 956348813

                  Abuser: Camtuk


                  • 966320359 Парень покупает очень куриц и сливает их


                    • Match ID: 966788758
                      PlayerName: F 4 Z E

                      Thank You!
                      Last edited by Kryil-; 10-18-2014, 02:10 AM.


                      • Whats Wrong With Steam Public System?! 6 Matches at Row abusers?!
                        Many Abusers!

                        Another 2 Abuse Replays while Public Matching
                        Last edited by Kryil-; 10-18-2014, 02:13 AM.


                        • Match ID: 968798109
                          Feeding player: WTF?, sonic, Die again ghost machine
                          Boosted player: Нет но можно!
                          Amount of games: 1 witnessed.

                          You can see in the replay how Doom feeds mid and does not gank so does LC and lion.
                          "The only thing we have to fear is fear it's self."

                          Buggy: Do you know what the government calls me these days ?
                          Shanks: ?
                          Buggy: Buggy the Clown.
                          Shanks: Isn't that your real name ?
                          Buggy: No it's not.
                          Buggy: My name is Buggy D. Clown.


                          • match ID: 968899969

                            two friends in the radiant team fed and ruined intentionally starting from lvl 1. when you check their recent games you can see that they did the same thing over and over again.
                            I request a permanent ban for these abusing creatures.


                            • Match id: 970495323
                              Feeder: Login Mikèé 0wnage
                              boosted: all

                              This guy was feeding enemy team whole game, giving them observer wards, couriers and smokes. WK finished game with stat 0-34-0.


                              • I dont know dev also ban unranked games but just want you to ban IP this guy... Using smurf to ruin unranked games... I watch his match hsitory also ruin ranked with hsi chen... He use chen to tp back fountain all of our team except jugger.. Im sure this guy using smurf so cna you pls give lfietime banned on his main acc? you can trace his IP..

                                Match ID : 972989108


                                Suspect :