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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • lbid18
    match id: 3416403115
    feeding player:
    this bot going feed mid
    other match ids - 3416415246 3416467177
    some other bot -
    match id - 3416451570
    Last edited by lbid18; 09-01-2017, 07:31 PM. Reason: this is other situation

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  • stywygyr
    match id:3414752428
    feeding player:
    boosted player:
    extremely frustrating..

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  • O.M.E.G.A
    MatchID: 3414518789
    (Captain's mode ranked matchmaking on Australia server. Took about 8 min to find match)

    Feeding/Bot players:

    These 8 players all had private profiles and dodgy stats like 0.82 Farming or 0.07 Fighting.
    All 8 proceeded down mid lane to feed.
    Their behaviour was clearly not right.

    Also noteworthy:
    mjipsiz: 1857 matches and yet only a lvl 36 account (arcane boots)
    penababam: 1331 matches and yet only a lvl 35 account (power treads)
    How have these accounts been able to play for so long without being caught?
    Last edited by O.M.E.G.A; 08-30-2017, 11:12 PM.

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  • vuhao
    Player used bots on both teams.

    Match ID: 3389809176

    Boosted player: apologyjay - ID: 148330788
    Boosted player: Na'ViSoNeikO.G.2.A - ID: 453588206

    2 feeding bots on my team and one feeding player

    Feeding player name: asdasdax - ID: 453525688
    Feeding bot 1 name: Oz.Ming.V - ID: 451335582
    Feeding bot 2 name: asaxadxda - ID: 454039122

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  • rushab67
    Being punished for not doing anything wrong

    Dota 2 match id - 3387028080 , I am pretty sure at the end of the match i would have been reported even though i am not at fault in any way. If you look at the draft you will notice that after me all my other 4 teammates picked SUPPORT heroes. in the game after 10 minutes i get blamed by my whole team and i don't understand why. This is not fair....

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  • Deathknight13

    The matchid of the game - 3378515326
    The name of the feeding player - Rhyme * Basically Whole team / Both team
    The name of the boosted player - Opponent - Boost Wages/Token/Quest win
    The amount of games you found where the player got boosted - Might be few. Exploit using the matchmaking advantage due to the location. Lose purposely to let the opponent * friend* win token/Quest/wages. other game
    Last edited by Deathknight13; 08-15-2017, 07:39 AM. Reason: Find more exploit game match up

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  • uazabuza
    MatchId: 3372928776
    feeding player: SYC

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  • Anomalyspb
    MatchId: 3559486892
    All player

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  • Ellata
    I go in game, click search. play to win or at someone or swear. use the double rate of rating. and in my game, people come out of the game and break their items. why should I suffer because of them? and to -100pts for 2 games? do something please. for to return to this "wonderful" game is no desire.

    number of matches:

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  • LinaHeart
    Nickname: Yoshikuni
    Steam Profile:
    Friend ID: 34647996
    Report: Feeding 2 Matches in row or more
    Note: Troll account, already in Low Priority, need to Perm Account Ban in Dota2

    Match ID#1: 3342300776
    Player: Phantom Lancer
    Stats: 0-15

    Match ID#2: 3342332558
    Player: Blood Seeker
    Stats: 0-32

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  • GodOfTalk90
    Match ID : 3342064720
    All of team radiant doing battle pass mission with a whole team 2 AI? only me as enchantress player
    troll warlord in team radiant is AI too
    team radiant boosted
    night stalker id : 209666285
    weaver id : 133833592
    phantom lancer id : 198722055
    storm spirit id : 436867039

    AI list
    team 1
    troll warlord id : 448251829

    team 2,and with feed list
    mirana : 443578931
    death phophet : 447375178
    medusa : 448737459
    undying : 447960105

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  • mgwluffy
    This guy uses bots in international ranked to win illegally ID 382456928
    Help for valve or whoever for checking this case and its matches and see that he used bots.
    look this He shows one of his matches (HE IS JAKIRO)
    Help to report this person and give him her banned

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  • MrTojiMan
    ID: 3327137456
    Feeder : Sven and possibly Venge
    Booster : most likely AM
    I have seen venge on many games beginning matches immediately insulting players and intentionally ruining meta related strategies. Sven can be seen afk'ing or feeding at key points in the meta, as well as turnovers until the enemy is ready to push again.

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  • farfromanyroad
    match id: 3304058081
    feeder: (slark)
    booster: (broodmother)
    another same games id: 3293534724, 3293312144,3293272444, 3290890014, 3283913587, 3283023868, 3278716631, 3278668435,3278625975 and many more, you can check his DB ( Also all games was on russian server RD mode.

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  • rotavlas
    Match ID: 3294741688

    Same, they set their profiles private, I can't see who this person boosted.

    This Spirit Breaker intentionally fed courier to the dire, from the start, he said he would feed. He bought Observer Wards then sold them. I think he sniped the game with Tinker.

    His Dota 2 ID: 160438307

    I hope you guys take care of this guy, otherwise, this guy keeps feeding, ruining the game, mentally ruining people's day, community will become more cancerous. I don't want to guess about the boosted player, but will you keep cancer in your community?

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