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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Match ID: 1021180850
    Player: SUP3RN0VA (Sniper), Enemy Farm, Abuse. And Strange Connections Problems.

    Thank You!


    • Match ID: 1021911396
      Mass Team Disconnects


      • Match ID : 1022034843
        Feeding player : nyx assassin (Aladdin)
        Boosted player : axe (Noes)
        Number of games: dozens, i can't tell you how because i saw him a lot doing this, because i watch games a lot and see this player doing this, without reason. just to make sure team loses.
        Many times i see him playing nyx, then suddenly selling items, buying couriers and starting to feed enemy.
        plz, do something about these abusers. they made this game worse than hell.


        • Match ID: 1023442012

          Feeding player: Chen (1234)
          Boosted player: Slark (Montano!) << Found his dotabuff profile thanks to his profile picture and the fact that he has like 90% games as Slark...

          Number of games: No idea, both profiles are marked as private and Montano! set his profile to private rougly one month ago, presumably to start cheating.

          The reason I suspect him is that he went to mid lane despite another person already being there, just to kill the feeding chen. He also ended up with by far the most kills. I think the Chen player was a bot, judging by the name and how he played (attack move down mid lane every X seconds, send courier every minute, etc).
          Last edited by Malakor; 11-13-2014, 01:15 PM.


          • abuse
            Storm fed the enemy mid four times, said lalalalalalaalal in team chat, abandoned. Look at their games. Obvious abuse!


            • Match ID: 1023522612
              Feeding Player: DON Diablo (Drow Ranger)
              Boosted Player: ffy(Pudge), Juggernaut

              Enemy Farm.

              On ~30 minute, strange Freeze, near tower, after cast Ogre Magi (i have 100 mbit connection and very good router by Cisco)
              Player: Sphynx (Broodmoother)

              Thank You!


              • Match ID: 1023458790
                Player <nonamed> (Earth Spirit)

                Very Much!


                • The matchid of the game : 1024156023
                  The name of the feeding player: O doido da casa 17/09/2014 Steam ID: DOTABUFF ID:
                  The name of the boosted player: Shawarma.GordonFreeman

                  The Bloodseeker go mid feed axe and start feeding and laugh cuz we gonnna lose.
                  Ban the trolls and feeders for days. not only low priority!!


                  • Match ID: 1024201818
                    Abuse, Mass Enemy Disconnects and Nearby While Our Team Will Win


                    • Match ID:1025238537
                      Player name: Buble

                      He hid my bottle that was on the courier around the 4-5 minute mark. He kept blaming others and was on my side, when really he was the one doing it all along.


                      • Match ID: 1025440508
                        Feeding Player: Polygon

                        Name of the boosted player: I don't know and I don't really care, it's not my investigation to make. My game was ruined. We need some bans in a f2p game where anybody can make a new account and the first 13 levels are the only thing keeping these people from coming back in ranked to play like this. 43 deaths, and refusing to leave so the rest of us could leave as well. Enemy team wanted to boost their stats so the game took over 30 minutes. 30 minutes where I couldn't leave because Valve's system would ban me instead of him. And even then, this guy will probably face no penalty.

                        Just ban these people. They'll make a new account at least they learn and if they don't they won't be ruining games at least in ranked for at least 13 levels. Better yet, they will leave and infest some other game. Everybody wins.


                        • Match ID: 1029674134 , 1029406165 ,1028958540

                          knomoto skruka in hiragna(japanese language) boosted hes rank 5300 now = boosted player.steam id : 154288599
                          아무, 제일 잘하는 사람, bigbang = feeding player

                          he used korean server + double pc, so boosted 5300 rank plz punish him
                          Last edited by Greenalien; 11-16-2014, 08:37 AM.


                          • 1 pic says 1000 words.

                            3 times in a row, can something be done? these two are in party mmr making it easy to be against each other

                   < the feeder
                   < the actual boosted player
                   (he just deleted this guy frm his fl LOL) < the feeder
                            Last edited by leation; 11-20-2014, 08:28 PM.


                            • Match ID : 1041540984
                              Player name : Axoy Axoy (Dragon Knight)

                              Starting to whine,feed and troll from min 10 cause none ganked his lane.


                                matchid: 1041603573 (PA)

                                same hack, except he was using abyssal so whenever i blinked to him, he used it immediately