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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #16
    Furion buys multiple couriers, teleport t2 and feeds them to enemy team.

    Match ID: 618723574
    Feeding player: aPRIL
    Boosted player: no sure, guy with "..." nick most likely
    1st game, but was very obvious.


    • #17
      High mmr exploiter

      match id: 618741892
      basically to bring awarness to this person being boosted who is using bot to farm mmr

      feeding player this is also obvious a bot acc, only game is dota with 300hr and no friends. also doesnt have a dotabuff
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      • #18
        Match 616928254

        Abusing player : Sabotager Bev

        I don't know this trash, but i saw his dotabuff account and he just ruins games on purpose. Please remove this scum from dota 2 before he ever plays anywhere even close to my bracket.


        • #19
          sorry for my eng!
          The matchid of the game: 619034177
          The name of the feeding player: Piece of shit
          The name of the boosted player: again lost
          CHeck replay as "again lost", and check his mouse clicking and meepo's steps.
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          • #20
            Matchid : 620057791
            Feeding - sanchez
            Beneficient: gorgutzer

            Profile is of course hidden, so i cant tell you how many times he cheated - you can check with whom sanchez always gets teamed up with.
            At this point i start to wonder if there should be profile privacy option.
            Guy just picked wisp bought 4 couriers and went to mid to donate them to huskar. I abandoned the game (got almost 2700 games and 0% abandons).
            Will I and other teammates receive rating back?
            Maybe you could implement "report cheater" ingame client option??
            or give mods power to vote whether person was cheating or not and to instaban them?

            Thanks in advance...


            • #21
              I've run across the 5-stack-of-bots a bunch of times over the last two days. I created a thread about it on these forums:


              It seems to be the same bot as the one mentioned by reverendK above. Same item builds and ability-picking sequence.


              • #22
                The matchid of the game : 620560686
                The name of the feeding player : fuck u all (he changed his name)
                The name of the boosted player : Idk for sure but, maybe doom. he wasnt that good and his mmr was high and he was the jungler.
                The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids) : Can't find cause profiles are private.


                • #23

                  Match ID 621519261
                  Account - Axe.Why0208.


                  • #24
                    The matchid of the game: 619400140
                    The name of the feeding player: 1-800-352-2534 (some obscure phone number, not exact) - He was Chen. And two of his friends, both named "Mojito" (Meepo and Anti-mage)
                    The name of the boosted player: FiveFingersDeathPunch (Ember Spirit)
                    The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids): Based on FiveFingersDeathPunch's recent matches, it appears they were involved in multiple abuse games: 619343932, 614218502

                    So I enter the game, thinking all is well, and everything seems normal at first. I proceed to go middle as Puck, against "FiveFingersDeathPunch" (Ember Spirit). However, Chen purchases a group of couriers, calls them his "heard" and runs down middle, teleports me back to base, and feeds Ember Spirit. At this point I was just confused, but thought it was a mistake. I realized something was up when Chen continued to teleport me back to the base, at which point I realized he was trolling the game for whatever reason (as he continued to teleport me back, from wherever I was). I tried reasoning with him and his friends who then responded with "why are you qqing?"

                    Because I didn't want to be punished for an "Abandon" for a match that was clearly butchered, I just sat in the fountain. I realize now that I've received an "abandon" for it anyway, because I was "idle" for 5 minutes. As a result, I am now in the low priority pool and am frustrated, as I have never left a game before. It would be great if I can at least get out of this bracket for something I did not even deserve. Thank you.


                    • #25
                      Today in AD came across a single feeder bot.

                      Might be able to find more if keep on looking.
                      I will mercilessly add to my ignore list anyone that makes an incredibly annoying signature.


                      • #26
                        Sandbox 5000 mmr

                        Hello, nice match again, slark versus me used sandbox, 5000 mmr. You can download replay and see when sf respawn, slark alt tab to sf window and went feed mid then alt tab again, after game SF and Slark nicknames have changed . I hope u ban him

                        Match id : 621676362
                        Slark steam :
                        Sf steam :


                        • #27
                          match ID: 623261038

                          there are bots in public.. check the match for more info.. i met them twice. first in ability draft. second in all pick. the all have the same items.. they have a different name but the same pattern.. they all have chinese name..

                          sory for my bad english..


                          • #28
                            Match ID: 623590015
                            Feeding player: Тагииииил!
                            Boosted players: POLO
                            Ammount of games: Plays with 2 windows and quickly abusing himself for furion
                            Lucan even openly admitted that has already played more than 100 matches so and nothing was done in response


                            • #29
                              The matchid of the game: 623873355
                              The name of the feeding player: meepo

                              meepo, np and kunkka together (Yes, party of 3 in SOLO QUEUE) good job VOLVO.

                              Meepo last picking keep feed on porpouse.


                              • #30
                                The matchid of the game: 625088018
                                The name of the feeding player: 30 sec to mars (leshrack)
                                The name of the boosted player: Glasses (puck)
                                The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids) : Both hiden accounts, so can't check how many they done, but it was quite obvious abuse, puck did't reply to any claims that he is abusing the mmr with friend/bot.