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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #31
    The matchid of the game: 625088018
    The name of the feeding player: 30 sec to Mars (Leshrac)
    The name of the boosted player: Glasses (Puck)

    Puck is using leshrac to boost himself, if you watch his player perspective it's obvious he's controlling leshrac in between. For example, in the start he goes afk and send leshrac mid, then leshracs screen is not moving and Puck doesn't back when he see a leshrac rushing at him but stays close to kill him instead. After first blood he prepared a tp scroll, you see after first blood puck is not moving his mouse for a small time, while leshrac is moving, and sent to tower, and you can see puck is right clicking exactly the same spot he ordered shift click leshrac to. It's too obvious that he is using leshrac to gain mmr. Please punish and/or void this match, you can't possible lose 25 worths of points from 10 minute games where you don't have a chance
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    • #32
      Dual feeding this needs to stop...

      This is getting ridiculous, I have had 2 games ruined by people who pick a hero and just feed the other team intentionally, happened twice to me so far. One game it was a natures prophet who tped and just right clicked someone every time he was up and the other today where it was sb just charging and feeding.

      Now I understand its one thing to scream and rage at them and then they feed, but that's not the case. These 2 games were weren't yelling at him or anything he just decided to feed over and over again both games from the start of the game, it was for syre premeditated, by different players. There is absolutely no reason for him to feed either, he must be doing games against his main account to increase his mmr or something like that. That's the only explanation I can think of. I just don't understand this, please elaborate other reasons for me because I am just up right confused why this is even happening.

      Here are the 2 games


      • #33
        This chinese is using 2 accounts to queue on south america and feed one of them to get mmr on the other 191 rank account of the ranked account used to feed pings of both

        i hope valve can do something

        627113013 match id
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        Originally posted by Ness1
        I'm pretty sure Jesus has bigger problems to fix them this.


        • #34
          Using 2 hero from 2 pc and feeding with 1-in cm ranked game

          In some game there is some player who dont chat,just pick vital hero and feed in mid.That happened to me twice.In 1st game opponent captain said that one of his mate using this gyro by using 2 pc.this is logical.ppl can do it for mmr. usually I play ranked cm game for better team and better opponent.And u guys know increase mmr is so hard.and if sititution go like this play rank game will be impossible.I know to deal with this problem will be hard for valve.But it valve want to keep CM ranked game in quality they must have to do something.


          • #35

            This player is putting an alternate account on the enemy team and just feeding it.

            In the first match

            The meepo in this game was his alternate account named "death adder" which has now been changed to some russian letters.
            You'll notice that this match does not show up on his dotabuff account because when we called him out in-game he turned off share match history and removed the guy from his friends list.
            Both the meepo and shadow shaman were caught multiple times in game seemingly afk not moving at all.

            After this he turns on match history again and we can see the next match.

            In this game the exact same russian lettered account is on the enemy team as a 0-12 doom.

            Another suspicious thing is that for both games he sends one account into the jungle. In the first game he does a jungle meepo in which he dies to neutrals 4 times in the laning phase. In the second game he again has one account on a jungler doom.

            This guy is clearly putting an alternate account on the enemy team or getting a friend to throw for him.

            I hope something is done about him.
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            • #36
              Farming mmr points with fake account


              This guy is voluntarily feeding all games fron the very beginning. He gives a free lose (if he playes with you) or a free win (if he plays against you)...

              My team said he did that 3 games in a row and they think he is giving free rmm to someone in the other team (so he can farm fast points in Ranked Match Making)... I can't check that because he has a private profile... and i found his steamprofile searching for his name and avatar.

              Mach ID: 631209996
              Sorry for my bad english


              • #37

                The Alchemist uses an account to feed himself/his team on US East.

                Just look at his past games in his history:

                EVERY single time, there is an anonymous profile on the other team that feeds 25-30 kills. He just doesn't exclusively feed it to himself, making it less obvious in the game(he tried to blame me for it when I played with him??) - He is like 5.2k mmr as well..

                Ban his ass pls.


                • #38
                  match id : 632774571

                  hey.. 5TH FUCKING TIME this has happened to me since ranked came out
                  i have no hope for this shit to get fixed you fuckers dont care or know how to fix it, either way rmm is a shithole


                  • #39
                    Match ID: 631579822
                    Feeding Player: ace
                    Boosted Player: ToLeedog-

                    Also found in 6 recent matches. MatchID + feeding player name:
                    631656102 ace
                    631602037 ace
                    631555380 ace
                    631509415 BADN
                    631487051 BADN
                    631465816 fuck.

                    In all of these ranked matches, it's clear 'ToLeedog-' is using dual monitors (determined by following his mouse cursor) and controlling a hero on the other team, repeatedly sending them to their deaths. It looks like he has changed the feeding account's name again to 'bat'

                    Please get rid of this guy. Also, he only picks Terrorblade and Ember Spirit.


                    • #40
                      The matchid of the game: 633105191
                      The name of the feeding player: grey (Anti-Mag)
                      The name of the boosted player: altafida (Nature's Prophet)
                      From the first minutes of the game it becomes clear that while anti-mag dies Furion stands on one point and afk farmed forest creeps
                      When I asked the opposing team what in the meantime makes Furion , our dear anti-mag stops communicating with us and just goes to die under the tower after each revival(to playing for Furion)
                      Obviously it's one and the same person playing in 2 windows
                      Though the game and has been successful for us, I hope he will be punished in the future that would not spoil anyone games


                      • #41
                        I made 2 reddit threads
                        with his dotabuff and the matchs




                        • #42
                          I think this account speaks for itself, all of his recent games are wins where the other team had an anonymous player on the other team feeding


                          How do they do it, I wonder?


                          • #43
                            Match: 634806036
                            Usernames: Da5 and JayZ

                            major feeding and I am presuming multiboxing for the other team. he would control tiny and only level toss to throw allies to feed.
                            while controlling Tiny he would stop control of Witch Doctor and he would sit idle. When he controlled Witch Doctor he would set Tiny on follow and this went on until he AFK'd out.

                            He said in draft he would ruin the game, i am thinking he is boosting for the three party members on the other team.


                            • #44

                              This same player is still abusing matchmaking. formerly called qqqqqppppp in the last post i made as you can see under the aliases bottom right of page.


                              In this match AGAIN we have a jungling hero and AGAIN its name is in Russian letters. This is not the same alternate account as the last one in the posts i made BUT he is still doing the exact same strategy throwing the alt on a jungler and just feeding it.

                              He does the exact same thing game after game and ALL three times the feeding accounts have had Russian names on AUSTRALIAN servers. I have shown it 3 times now but he still isn't banned?
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                              • #45
                                Matchid: 636133512
                                Feeding player: Run you clever boy
                                Steam id: STEAM_0:1:59661139
                                Boosted player: Shai
                                Steam id: STEAM_0:1:66852401

                                The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids) Dont care. Just give me 0 mmr lost. Want real game sto count.