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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • ID: 3799134543
    Griefer: Most likely WK, possibly TA or BR
    Feeder: Most likely kotl, possibly clock

    Incredibly suspicious and badly played, always leading friends to their deaths into a completely coordinated 5 man attack every time.
    Players are ranked fairly yet the games are hardly their worst, indicating likely trends.


    • Match ID: 3801639134
      Hero: Skywrath mage
      Steam ID:

      camera hack and autocast on spells


      • Match ID: 3802915156
        Hero: Tiny
        Pick Tiny and Ruin game with toss on enemy heroes


        • Match ID: 3804175131
          Hero: Broodmother

          Ruiner. Buy rapier feed and shadow amulet


          • Match ID: 3805664805
            Hero: Shaman
            Vac banned guy with new account just feed af and buying wards and grief


            • Match Id: 3770859659
              Hero: Invoker

              Bought account, 60%winrate EUW, EUE. 40% winrate USE


              • ID : 3808350725
                Feeder: LS, SF
                Suspect: WK

                SF admits to feeding at start of the game in chat, feeds first blood. LS dcs, SF keeps unpausing.


                • ID: 3810192741
                  Feeder: SF 33 times
                  Suspect: Invoker

                  SF feeds 33 times


                  • ID: 3810236090
                    Feeder - Lina, NP, Pudge
                    Suspect - BH, FV, MK

                    FV admits to rigging the game at the start, as can be seen in the chat logs. Game instantly turns over into 100% defeat.


                    • Id - 3813789428
                      Feeder - Io
                      Suspect - Unknown

                      Played several successful broodmother games, then was ignored in captains game and forced to a horrible matchup against brood. When I started succeeding io started teleporting me to the enemy fountain, abusing a ranked game. It's hard to tell who is being fed from the enemy team but I have no doubt it was someone as they were very suspicious.


                      • Match ID: 3815093844
                        Dropped his items and went AFK: ENTROPY7R (Ursa)


                        • ID: 3815539621
                          Feeder: Lycan
                          Suspect: Sven

                          Lycan dies a fair bit, and harasses the team as well as using his reports on others, it can be seen that this is an average game for him, which is suspicious.
                          Last edited by MrTojiMan; 04-04-2018, 12:59 PM.


                          • Does anyone actually read or do anything about these reports or is this just a complaint room?


                            • ID 3816845366
                              Riki and Juggernaut
                              Accbuyers with 100 hour accounts, they agreed in voice about accbuying

                              ID 3816947447
                              Pudge and Medusa
                              another accbuyers. Dusa gonna afk jungle, pudge actually steal mid exp like this is good stuff.
                              Last edited by Xelavlis; 04-05-2018, 01:19 AM.


                              • ID: 3819103669
                                Feeder earth spirit