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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Match ID: 4123530700 Reporting: Skywrath mage
    Reason: He use script for his third spell - ancient seal, he insta silence enemies and watching replay can obviously been seen that hes cheating and using scripts! We report him but wanted to write this hear also!


      Match ID: 4151455154
      Abusing Ursa by ruining the game and never join team fight.
      Throwing game and abusing courier to feed.
      [ SEA & Western English are different ~ please understand ]
      [ If I accidentally insulted or post harmful content, please do notify me or remove it ]


      • Steam account (Lone druid):
        64 ID: 76561198097525178

        Match ID: 4156706527

        Reported hero: Lone druid

        Reason for report: This guy is intentionally feeding kills, courier, blocking creep spawns in jungle, giving away gem and EVERYTHING u can imagine.
        For god sake ban people like this already, 6months atleast should teach this matchmaking ruiner.
        People like this dont deserve to be playing with other humans, I would have IP banned him right away. Biggest griefer and gameruiner I've seen in my life. They make the game unplayable and waste ur customers & playerbases time & leave a rly bad experience for the rest of us.


        • Steam account (Phantom Lance):
          64 ID: 76561198083544833

          Steam account (Earthshaker):
          64 ID: 76561198068539779

          Match ID: 4157389479

          Reported heroes: PL & ES

          Reason for report: Both in violation ToS by buying accounts with much higher rank than they are, these guys dont know what skills to skill, how to play, how to lane or ANYTHING at all. 100% acc buyers ruining ranked matchmaking.
          Im done with this fucking trash game with UPPER most garbage trash community. Playing with imbred retards thats not from EU West but que up there with their ebay accounts and autism.

          Dota 2 developers, you can all suck a fat dick and gaben I hope you choke on ur next Cola. UNPLAYABLE FUCKING TRASH GAME WITH IMBRED TRASH


          • calling themselves boosters :/

            The matchid of the game : 4199006775
            The name of the feeding player : 221993206, 181155746
            The name of the boosted player : 4199006775, 348545727
            uhm uhm can I be your carry?


            • Match ID : 4218704870
              Full party keeps playing turbo matches to skip to 100 games so their smurf account can play ranked.
              They did this several times so far.

              You can clearly see that they haven't taken one single creep all game and stays afk in base in order for the game to end in 5 minutes since its turbo.


              • 5 russians queing in solo ranked on na server with a program that disconects them if they are all not on the same team so they can reque i believe vs throw accounts but im not certain on that however the 5 accounts in question constantly playing on the same team for like 20 games in arow in the last 2days are here here is one of their dotabuffs were you can find everygame i posted here before about a extremely ovbious situation like this one and hes stil playing 2 years later i hope you guys got your shit together and can deal with this one


                • Hello there. I got a shadow ban more than 1-2 years,but i didn't abuse matchmaking ! Can you developer guys remove it please !!! You can check my games and mmr.Thank you for help !


                  • Match id : 4253921329 Phonix
                    Friendly id : 128891220
                    He starts games and feeds beside he block his own team camps with wards every match for no reason
           his steam profile
                    Last edited by plzex; 12-04-2018, 03:34 AM.


                    • Steam account:

                      64 ID: 76561198192515758

                      Match ID: 4269203972

                      Reported hero: IO

                      Reason for report: Intentionally feeding, throwing and ruining game from start til end. He's own words: "I dont care about this account, this is just alt".

                      So Dota 2 developers im announcing that im going to get around 100 accounts in Divine rank only to intentionally ruin the entire system you got and ruin it for the rest of the players since u retards cant make this game playable. Have fun.
                      I got the money to throw and play around with, just want ur fucking garbage game and autistic community to end. The sooner the better.

                      And IF they even get banned, I'll just get another 100 to ruin it even more if it isnt ruined completely by then.

                      PS. Prove it to make it banable, u wont be able to prove violation of ToS .DS


                      • Match ID: 4272796536

                        Player1 ID (booster):

                        Player2 ID (boosted):

                        Player1 (Necro) spent whole game afk farming Divine Rapier as fist item so it can be provided to enemy player2 (Morph). 0/1/1 score, not getting targetted at all, not getting harassed at lane. In the end just afking fountain and waiting for game to end.

                        This is the only game I managed to get so far.
                        Last edited by Prohiller; 12-15-2018, 02:13 PM.


                        • Match IDs:

                          5 ppl abusing solo ranked games by using programs/steam language settings. They are always on the same team.
                          The account they boost:
                          The other 4 accounts:


                          • Match ID:

                            Player Tiny. Player name AZOG. Picked tiny and followed me the entire game tossing me and allies into the enemy.
                            Out of 5 or so games i've played with him he threw the game in at least 2 for some reason. This kind of focused toxicity needs to stop. I blocked him on steam and i still keep getting him in my games on my team, never the enemy. Im working back towards normal behavior score and this was a good patience test. Didnt flame anyone even once not even tiny. Should have an ability to outright block some players from matching in your games, especially unranked or exclusively as that would bear no gain or loss except quality of matches.
                            Last edited by 5teen; 01-01-2019, 05:29 AM.


                            • Can we here report cheaters with proof, or do they get a pass here as well?


                              • Match 4358125507
                                Match 4358185292
                                5 ppl abusing afk bots