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Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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    name of game ruiner - fid suka fid

    match ID in question - 4892543228

    I don't understand how I get put into low priority and muted when, while not perfect, I am nowhere near as toxic as this guy, and never ruin games, unlike him on a regular basis. He has been in a few of my games on various accounts, and I have had enough of it. The fact that he has created more than one account, calibrated them numerous times, and reattached unique phone numbers to his accounts to get into ranked should show that he is clearly trying to avoid any and all punishment, which in and of itself should be a violation of the Steam TOS, no? Look at his wordmap nonetheless. Feeding the courier in games, trying to get the team to falsely report me when I am NOT griefing and making an attempt to win. It doesn't make sense that people that clearly abuse the system go relatively unpunished, while I get reported and negatively punished just because he wants to abuse the rather lax system valve has in place.

    look at his youtube channel, too, plenty of proof of him intentionally ruining and griefing games. Come on, Valve. This is inexcusable.
    Last edited by wubs; 07-08-2019, 08:59 PM.


    • 4914841160
      alpha.dok - spirit breaker
      HellKitty - snipoer
      They have matches hidden but from the players commentary ingame it is obvious, he directly states that he is giving up, afking and feeding mid


      • Match ID: 4919280758

        Abuse nickname: Levi
        Time: 7/22/2019 9:31 PM EU server
        This idiot got problem with his net and he leave match plenty of times while we were waiting him to reconnect, but as on 3k match plebs from the other team were just unpause the game so he abandon the match, and after 30 minutes of a struggle he abandon the match, so the other player with Skywrath leave the match and this idiot started to feed with both heros, his Monkey and the pleb that leave the match with Skywrath.
        HOW THE F*CK THIS SHIT CAN HAPPEN TO ME WHEN I BET 500 POINTS IN THE MATCH AND WENT DOUBLE RANK????????????????????????????????????????????
        Draft was amazing, i was mid tryhard even tho 2 supports didn't buy a single ward I do bought EVERY SINGLE ONE from the shop and we struggle for 30 minutes so in the end the retard with the Monkey to abandon the match cause "HIS PROBLEM WITH THE NET IS OUR FAULTH" that how retarded is this dota2 community and i am really pissed off right now cause this is not first time to happens. Sooo disapointed from this dota 2 community and the plebs that are playing the game. Gaben must put age restriction or age shaffle in this matches, im old enought to loose my nervs and shit on this game with kids, the paintfull moment is that you cant even leave match cause you will abandon it and IN THE END IT WILL BE YOUR FAULTh, and so you just need to spend half hour or a hour in a pain only not to abandon the match, i mean its ridiculous.


        • and he distroy his items and Skywrath items too


          • Match ID: 4919444045

            Classic shadow amulet "I'm really playing, I promise" feeding on a CM. No reason for it other than to lose the match. I feel like the Void on Dire side was being boosted, but can't be sure.

            Feeding player:


            • Match ID : 4952094426
              Player Name: die tomorrow im borrow /skywrath
              player name : by my lonely 4123 / abaddon
              Time: 07/08/2019 08:09 AM

              This guys starting mid lane feed with his friends..


              • Match ID: 5021692606
                Feeding player: Shadow Demon
                Boosted players: Ember Spirit
                Ammount of games: 1 but probably more since othe players knew this guy.

                Guy is boosting accout in BR server from Russia
       screenshot of both players having 300 ping.
                Last edited by maiel; 09-14-2019, 02:18 PM.


                • Match ID 1: 5032479873
                  Match ID 2: 5032443657
                  Boosted player: Tinker
                  Amount of games: 2

                  Booster. Same person in two of my calibration matches back to back. A Russian person playing on a Steam account from Brazil, the account has comments all over it about boosting. Really unfair for this to happen, I don't feel like its worth finishing calibration now it's been massive altered by these games.


                  • match ID : 5069615550
                    Naga player is surely a booster , his reflexes and play style is way out of the league of their rank.
                    Slark was so toxic went and made 3x Echo sabre and laughed at us , he wanted to lose


                    • match ID : 5073670038
                      both support players ( hard n soft ) didn't let the core players farm on their lane ( I was PA safelaner - laned with DS ) he didn't let me farm and i couldn't carry the game , so they rage in the end and report me and i get a 1hour ban cause he didn't what he had to do as a support ?
                      and i even can't report him ?
                      submitting that they player didn't play his role does not count as report and game tells me that i have used all my allocated reports ? what's going on with DotA ?


                      • Match ID: 5078270309
                        Player Name: "VERY FKING SAUCE"
                        Steam ID:

                        Details: Player was queued as hard Support, and wound up intentionally taking farm from the carry top. He also bought out wards and placed them all in the well area. Overall, this player was throwing the game on purpose from the get-go.


                        • Match ID: 5135549838
                          Player Name: "El QuiSpe de la profecia"
                          Steam ID:

                          Player was buying all wards in stock and blocking ally creep camps with them.


                          • Match ID : 5407435849
                            Player Name : "FcukBoy" and "Professor!"
                            Steam ID : and

                            Both players intentionally reporting me for no reason which resulted in a 1 day matchmaking ban


                            • Match ID : 5439170439
                              Player Name : Unknown

                              Steam ID:

                              Account likely used by this player: or this player: to report others.


                              • Match ID : 5445331737
                                Player Name: Secret.Puppey
                                Fake disconnect implementation , Techies cheats,